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Get the Key To Cross Device Abandoned Cart Recovery

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Got device hopping shoppers? The average consumer owns a smartphone, desktop, tablet, plus work devices that they can and will shop from. Customers who fill their carts on one device often end up buying on another. But if the cart is not recoverable across devices, odds are good they’ll abandon it.  That’s why Remarkety introduced its game-changing Cross-Device Cart Recovery.

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7 ideas for how to improve your marketing automation strategy – Coronavirus times

By eCommerce Trends, Email Marketing
7 ways to improve your marketing automation strategy

When the pandemic struck in March, businesses had to quickly adjust their marketing strategy from standard spring fare to
crisis communication. But now that the post-Memorial Day summer season has begun, customers have grown weary of that refrain. It’s time to get your automated communication on track to deliver what customers want to hear from you now.  Read More

eCommerce Email Marketing Best Practices

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Need a crash course on eCommerce email marketing best practices? Good thing you’re here.ecommerce email marketing 101 best practices banner

Remarkety was invited to speak at WeWork about the best practices for email marketing, types of behavioral eCommerce emails and tracking email ROI.

You can flip through the full deck here.

While people may not view email as more exciting than Pinterest or Facebook or Instagram, email is used a lot.

WSJ reported people at work check their email 74 times a day on average.

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Automated Email Campaigns Ron Popeil Set it and Forget it

Set It and Forget It – Four Automated Email Campaigns You Should Be Running

By Email Marketing

This genius slogan was once created for a genius product, the Ronco Rotisserie Oven. The chant “Set it and forget it!” reverberated through the studio audience with a little help from Ronco inventor Ron Popeil.

Automated Email Campaigns Ron Popeil Set it and Forget it

This whole “set it and forget it” chant is also perfectly applicable to the eCommerce world. More specifically, automated emails. Now I know what you’re thinking to yourself.

How could I ever compare to Ron Popeil?

And the answer is, you can’t. With those pale blue eyes, winning smile and mind for invention, there’s really no comparison.

We can’t all be Popeils. But we CAN take a page from his book and use four email marketing campaigns that live up to his mantra.  Read More

2014 in Review – 5 Pieces of Advice from eCommerce Owners

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According to, nearly 60% of stores have an eCommerce component to their business and this number will only rise in 2015. The eCommerce space is not only crowded with a bunch of online shops, but a seemingly endless number of services or tools that can grow sales, improve customer satisfaction, save time, etc.

Advice from eCommerce Owners
We wanted to know what really worked in 2014, so we spoke to Remarkety customers Charles Fitzgerald of The Kewl Shop, Nicole Panzica and Josh Rehr ofEcommerce Partners, Sarath B Sribhasyam of Purna Organics , and John Pagan of Ales by Mail LTD. We discovered there were five main reasons these companies were so successful. Read More