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How Automated Fulfillment Improves eCommerce Shopping Experience

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Want to know the secret of getting your automated emails and text messages opened? It’s setting them up as fulfillment messages.  

All those emails or texts that confirm an order, thank the customer for the order, let them know the order has shipped, let them know the order has arrived, etc. garner better than average open rates. Smart eCommerce businesses capitalize on that to promote additional purchases with personalized recommendations and coupons to strengthen retention, boost revenue, and increase customer LTV (lifetime value).

Retention efforts always pay off. A mere 5% increase in customer retention rate results in a minimum 25% lifetime value in a company’s profits.

Fulfillment opportunities to connect

A fulfillment message is a way to arouse all sorts of positive feelings in your customer.

  • An order confirmation reassures customers that the order is being processed.
  • A text or email when it has shipped lets them know when to expect delivery, which heightens their anticipation and removes the anxiety that would arise from not knowing when it would come.
  • A text or email that the item has been delivered makes them look forward to opening their package as soon as they get home.

Customers really appreciate being kept in the loop of their order’s progression, which is why they will open those emails and texts to find out the latest status. Positive feelings associated with the communication increase positive feelings for your brand that makes them more inclined to purchase again, particularly if you make them a tempting offer with personalized recommendations and promotions.

As they are thinking about when they’re going to get what they ordered from your store, they are much more likely to click on the text or email after an order than they would be when they are not waiting on an order.

The following are the five essential aspects of winning more business and loyalty through transactional emails:

1. Use that data

An eCommerce store involves massive amounts of data. Each customer’s action changes the equation for the data analysis, which means that the data basis for actionable insight is literally changing throughout the day.

Every order gives you more insight into the customer’s interest and spending patterns, and trying to keep up with that manually will make a business miss out on the window of opportunity to capitalize on it. That’s why eCommerce rely on Remarkety to collect and update the data in real-time.

2. Apply Automation 

Remarkety’s automatically generated recommendations take into account purchases and buying behavior that reveals not just which products interest the customer but which incentives motivate them to buy. Remarkety’s analysis then delivers a comprehensive picture of your customer, which will lead to more precise segmentation, a more personalized user experience, more conversions, and the loyalty that leads to optimized LTV.

Remarkety applies the rules set for the business to the data updates to automatically. That means that your customers can get the whole series of transactional emails, from the confirmation through the delivery notice to the follow-up with personalized suggestions automatically.

3. Express personal thanks

The “thank you for your order” emails are documented as having a 14.29% higher open rate and 1.93% higher click-through rate by Oracle.  In fact, the magnetic power of the word “thanks,” in subject lines is what makes it a go-to for brands even in emails or SMS that just say “Thank you for being a customer” and offer a promotion.

You can make the subject lines even more impactful by inserting the customer’s names in it. Remarkety’s dynamic tags make it easy to insert the recipient’s name to give your communication the feeling that it is crafted specifically for them rather than just a boilerplate message.

4. Personalize to optimize

Accenture found that 91% of consumers say they are more inclined to shop where they get relevant offers and recommendations. They also are more likely to return.

The conversion rate for the online shopper who responds to a recommendation is 70% higher per session than for those shopping without the recommendation, according to eMarketer. The benefit holds even on return sessions to the extent of a 55% greater conversion.

Drawing on that through the power of Remarkety’s machine learning capability to make personalized recommendations makes it possible to reap the benefits of AI-enhancement that improves sales and revenue, as McKinsey reported in Artificial Intelligence, The Next Digital Frontier.


5. Get dynamic 

A sure-fire way to motivate a customer to make a purchase is offering a money-saving offer. Online coupon usage has been growing steadily in the United States over the past several years, rising from 126.8 million in 2015 to 145.3 million in 2021, according to Statista estimates.

Drawing on the transactional history of your customers, you can send highly personalized and targeted offers that fit their preferences and needs. Remarkety automates and improves on that data insight by tracking each marketing message and its response.

With its extensive data on customer behavior built up over years of serving hundreds of different eCommerce businesses, Remarkety can accurately predict which offer will draw a particular customer’s attention. Dynamic coupons reveal which promotions convert your customers, and adaptive marketing can apply the best offer.

Remarkety’s automated tools capture insights in near real-time to allow the eCommerce to adapt its messaging to fit the needs and position of their customer at that moment.  Its solution is what allows your business to integrate all your channels to achieve a complete view of your customer and reap the rewards of omnichannel marketing.

email marketing order follow up

6. Following up

While businesses are so focused on the goal of making a sale, they have to bear in mind that the larger goal is to bring the customer back. Text and email messages to follow up on the order keep your customer in the loop about processing, and a follow-up afterward can lead to additional sales.


Remarkety can help you set up your automated email strategy that will help you convert more customers and retain the ones you have to achieve the most value for your business. Ready to see if it can work for you?

Try Remarkety for free or book a demo.

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