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4th of July: 6 Ways to Make Your Marketing Automation Plan Stand Out

4th of July eCommerce Marketing Automation

Independence Day is always a great occasion for marketing. But this year it’s even better.

According to the latest data on Statista, about ¾ of Americans celebrate Independence Day. Those who do celebrate spend about $76 on average, according to the NRF.

But this year’s Independence Day spending should be higher than usual. One reason is the emergence from the restrictions that had been in place the last year due to the pandemic. Another is the opportunity to have two days of holiday. July 4, 2021, falls out on a Sunday, which means that  Monday, July 5 would be observed as the Federal holiday. That’s good news for retailers who get to extend Independence Day promotions an extra day to catch last-minute shoppers.

Independence Day Marketing for your eCommerce

Prepare for your Independence Day marketing with information about when shoppers start their searches online, as well as, customer insight that comes through Remarkety. Plan a communication strategy that utilizes email and SMS/MMS effectively.

To let your customers know that you will be offering them deals they expect to see for the holiday, follow these six steps:

1. Get your customers to subscribe 

If they get the right incentive, they are more likely to sign up. In addition to telling them on your site or through social media ads that subscribers are given access to certain product offerings or sales before other customers, you can also offer a specific coupon code as a reward for subscribing.

2. Make your message stand out with the perfect words and pictures.

SMS Marketing

Create campaigns with Remarkety’s easy-to-use templates that promote your deals and discounts. Themes that highlight the holiday itself with fireworks, American flags, as well as red, white, and blue combinations always work well. Alternatively, you can show summer scenes like beaches and pools or backyard barbecues if those fit your brand better.

3. Offer guidance 

Independence Day is the perfect occasion for offering helpful tips and appreciating the meaning of the holiday. Offer refreshing summer recipes, patriotic decor ideas, and fireworks safety reminders.

4.  Segment your audience

Draw on the data that will inform them what type of communication will resonate with this particular customer in terms of age bracket, household, and budget. This makes your messaging far more relevant and personalized than a one-size-fits-all marketing message.

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5.  Plan a series of messages

For the most impact, don’t just send your promotion on July 3. Start sending messages from the middle of June when people start searching for July 4 sales, building up a momentum that peaks between June 28 and July 4, according to Google Trends.

Your email campaign, for example, can encompass three or more emails. The first one would announce the upcoming promotion a few days ahead of time. Then you can have another one or two while the promotion is running, followed by a final email sent out to remind customers that the promotion is ending that day or within hours.

6. Be on point

For emails be sure to use subject lines that grab attention, and for texts get to the point quickly.

Remember ABC always be concise.

As you should plan for messaging your customers at different stages, you should plan on different subject lines. Suit the wording to the timing, and bear in mind that for this particular holiday you can alternate between the name “Independence Day” and the date “4th of July.”

For inspiration of variation  at different points in time, see the following:

Earlier messages 4th of July email marketing

  • Get Ready for Independence Day with Sizzling Savings!
  • What’s better than fireworks? This sale!
  • Cool looks for your July 4 celebration
  • Check out this exclusive online preview of our 4th of July Sale
  • Get ready to celebrate freedom with FREE SHIPPING!

Messages closer to the holiday

  • Celebrate Independence Day and Savings!
  • 4th of July sale this week only!
  • We’re celebrating Independence Day with specials all week long.
  • Enjoy these 4th of July Deals!
  • Temperatures are creeping up, and so is our big Independence Day Sale!

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Subject lines that emphasize urgency or how much one can save:

  • Our July 4th sale is now live!
  • Enjoy the lowest prices of the season on the 4th of July.
  • Don’t miss these spectacular savings, up to 50% off!
  • Hot 4th of July deals starting at just $4!
  • Celebrate the red, white, and YOU! Save 25% on Independence Day!
  • We’re celebrating freedom with free shipping for all!

Even if your customers haven’t responded to the email campaign, you can follow up with SMS or MMS to remind them not to miss out on the last day of the sale  with messages like these:

  • Last Day to get FREE SHIPPING for Independence Day!
  • Last chance to save up to 50% during the  Independence Day sale!

SMS or MMS are the ideal medium for an urgent reminders and time-sensitive promotions. our customers are much more likely to check their texts in time for the sale than their emails, but you can also send out an email in advance, letting them know there will be a flash sale.

If you send MMS, you have the option of including a picture of your offering or one that represents your promotion to stand out among their messages and capture their attention. See How to get the most out of your eCommerce SMS and MMS marketing.

You get an extra day for Independence Day marketing this year. By using Remarkety to automate your email and SMS/MMS marketing campaign you’ll be able to effectively target your audience and capture your share of this major holiday market.

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