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Mother’s Day market tops 20 billion dollars, and a huge chunk of that goes to eCommerce.

By April 7, 2021August 27th, 2021eCommerce Trends, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing

Mother's day marketing automation

Here are 5 ways to make the most out of your mother’s day marketing automation.    

A mother’s love is indeed priceless, but Mother’s Day spending can be measured in terms of sales gains. The market for this particular holiday tops 20 billion dollars, and a huge chunk of that goes to eCommerce.

On the second Sunday in May, Americans take time out to show appreciation to their mothers, typically with cards, flowers, dinners out and other assorted gifts. However, the pandemic did reshape some of the practices for Mother’s Day 2020.

Most dinners out were off the table, and online ordering became the primary means of purchasing gifts. But that doesn’t mean spending was cut. On the contrary, last year, Americans increased their spending to hit an average of $205 each, according to NRF estimates. That combined with 86% of people planning purchases contributed to new highs for the day, with huge gains for online sellers.

When shopping shifted online, so did the expectation for sources of inspiration, and this introduces a great opportunity for eCommerce brands to connect with their customers. Now is the time to plan for Mother’s Day and build customer engagement online that fosters the relationship between the brand, the occasion, and the customer.

Mother's day

Five ways to build up your Mother’s Day marketing 

1. Offer useful Mother’s Day information in a newsletter.

Remember, as people are spending more time browsing online than in stores, they are looking to get their inspiration through brand content. Deliver on that expectation with a newsletter that offers ideas for how to mark the occasion with a special dish, a fun activity, or a card that kids can color for their mom.

2. Put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide that gives your customers the type of inspiration they seek.

Offer them different ideas to match the situation and tastes of the mom in their lives. For example, you can have products for the outdoorsy mom, the artistic mom, the bookish mom, the musical mom, the gym-enthusiast mom, the mom-to-be, the mom with young children, mom of teens, the mom who loves to cook and the one who hates it. Don’t forget to suggest gifts of appreciation not just from children but from the mom’s significant other. Older customers, in particular, are as likely to buy for a spouse as they are for a mother or step-mother.

3. Plan a Mother’s Day series of messages to be delivered to subscribers via email and SMS/MMS.

Include subject lines that let them know it’s about Mother’s Day and include links to special landing pages. Be sure to send an email or text about your gift guide. Follow up with a message that offers to show them what’s popular now among Mother’s Day shoppers. For your real procrastinators, send a text on Mother’s Day itself that can assure delivery of a digital gift card the same day.

4. Create special landing pages for Mother’s Day products that make it easy for shoppers to find what they want when they click on links in your communication.

There can be more than one depending on how you set it up with links for different price points or different types of products.

5. Offer special Mother’s Day promotions.

These can be a percentage or, dollars off discount or a code for free shipping or free gift wrap. You can also offer a discount off gift cards for those who want their moms to choose for themselves.

If discounting doesn’t fit with your brand, you can set up a promotion that offers prizes. These are a great way to get people to promote your brand on social media and/or subscribe to your email or SMS. You should offer exclusive limited-time promotion codes to your email and SMS subscribers in time for Mother’s Day shipping.

In addition to incentivizing sales for the occasion, the dynamic coupons enable you to track the performance of your marketing campaign through Remarkety.

To reach your customers who don’t subscribe to email or SMS, offer promotion through Facebook or Instagram ads. Remarkety integrates seamlessly with your social media lists of customers to target to make sure you’re reaching everyone.

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*Image source, NFR

Additional segmented suggestions

The latest Statista survey on Mother’s Day reveals effective points of messaging for gift shoppers. Everyone wants some form of value, but how they define it varies:

  • 43% seek a “unique or different” gift.
  • 41% seek something that “creates a special memory.”
  • 25% prioritize their own convenience in obtaining the gift.
  • 17%  look for competitive pricing.

If you draw on the type of data that Remarkety attaches to your customer profiles, you would gain insight into which one of these values resonates with them and market accordingly.  Here are some ideas:

For those who want unique gifts, offer suggestions of items you sell that are one-of-a-kind or that can be personalized with mom’s name or photos. That works well for jewelry, which remains one of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts that generates $5 billion in sales on its own. But it also can be used for clothing, accessories, serveware, and decor.

Gifts that are fondly remembered in the past were all about gifts of experience like a special trip, outing, or spa treatment. Some of these may still be restricted due to lingering concerns about the pandemic, so it can take more creativity to introduce that kind of memory at home. Offer suggestions of how what you sell can do that, and deliver the same feeling of pampering a mother can enjoy at a spa or deluxe restaurant with a special gift.

Convenience has always been a selling point for online orders that eliminates a lot of the hassle of shopping. But you can offer even greater convenience for your customer if you offer to wrap their gifts and attach a card with their personalized message, particularly if they need the gift shipped to their moms.


There are countless opportunities for Mother’s Day marketing this year. People are primed to buy and want guidance about gifts. That adds up to a receptive audience for marketing messages.

Want to create your own Mother’s Day Email/SMS campaigns? Start now with a free trial or book your demo today