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Automated Email Campaigns Ron Popeil Set it and Forget it

Set It and Forget It – Four Automated Email Campaigns You Should Be Running

By Email Marketing

This genius slogan was once created for a genius product, the Ronco Rotisserie Oven. The¬†chant “Set it and forget it!” reverberated through the studio audience with a little help from Ronco inventor Ron Popeil.

Automated Email Campaigns Ron Popeil Set it and Forget it

This whole “set it and forget it” chant is also perfectly applicable to the eCommerce world. More specifically, automated emails. Now I know what you’re thinking to yourself.

How could I ever compare to Ron Popeil?

And the answer is, you can’t. With those pale blue eyes, winning smile and mind for invention, there’s really no comparison.

We can’t all be Popeils. But we CAN take a page from his book and use four email marketing campaigns that live up to his mantra.¬† Read More

These ‘how to’ videos will make you an email marketing expert

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

Last year we asked you how we could make Remarkety better and you said newsletters. You’re welcome. Then a couple of months ago, you wanted ‘how to’ email marketing videos. How To eCommerce Email Marketing Videos Tutorials by RemarketyYou wanted to know the best types of conditions and segmentations for different types of email campaigns. You wanted to know how to be email marketing experts.

And you know what? We thought this was a pretty darn good idea. Read More