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3 Tips to Help You Improve Your eCommerce Email Marketing Strategy

By February 12, 2018February 16th, 2018eCommerce Trends, Email Marketing

Regardless of what type of eCommerce business you might be involved with, email marketing strategy WILL play a crucial role in your profit margin. Whether you sell products to millennials or baby boomers, there will always be a need to reach out to your existing and potential new customers in an efficient way to convince them to buy what you have and to remain engaged with your brand.

Want to learn how to utilize your data to build the ultimate email strategy? Then read on…

improve eCommerce email strategyWe’re living in the age of communication, and there are heaps of modern communication channels to achieve these goals. Even though email has been around for several decades now, it is still one of the strongest ways to get in touch with your target audience. There are more than 205 billion emails sent out every day. Needless to say, it’s worth learning the ‘need to knows’ about building a perfect 2018 email strategy for your eCommerce business.

Although eCommerce businesses may all seem pretty much the same, they aren’t. Every single brand has their own unique selling points and quirky audience needs. And how do we find out what your uniqueness and quirkiness is? Through your data. Your data is individual and unique to your business and is the key to your success.

Entice People to Share Their Email

As a part of your successful email strategy for the next year, you need email details. For this you should incentivize your visitors to share their email info with you. Once upon a time, getting email addresses from visitors was easy. People were happy to share their personal details, expecting to get valuable information, freebies and promos. Years of email abuse and spam have changed all that. People are weary of parting with their details to even the most legitimate of businesses these days.


Standard popup on website to capture more email addresses

First of all, make it easy for those who do want to subscribe to your email list with a visible and easily accessible form on each of your website pages.

Keep your promises: That means if you promise clients cyber confidentiality (and you should be) deliver it. 2017 saw a huge increase in cyber crime and identity theft and many consumers are worried. Make sure that handing over details does not put your clients at risk and that you will protect their data. You should also feature this on your literature and website, use a security socket layer (SSL) for communications and have an https website.

If you are promising free gifts, make sure you deliver. It can be a free e-book, a special promo coupon, or anything else that fits your business model. This won’t just get you an address but will also create trust so your emails are more likely to actually be read and for you to be taken seriously as a company.

Dynamic coupon in use

Dynamic coupon in use

In 2017, Remarkety saw millions of dynamic coupons sent in emails. These emails had on average of over 15% click-through rate and an average 10% conversion rate.

Know Your Customer

These days, the phrase “know your customer” seems to be thrown around a lot, but it seems not too many business people truly grasp the meaning. Knowing and understanding your target audience will help you custom-tailor your email marketing strategy in the best way to optimize sales and conversion. We exist in a society, driven by different types of data. As a business owner, you have various ways to gather all types of information about your existing customers and new visitors: what are they preferences, behavioral patterns, likes, and dislikes. Based on this information, you can create emails that truly speak to those who read them.

According to Econsultancy research, only around 22% of eCommerce businesses are satisfied with their conversions, which is a clear sign that most business owners and marketers need to improve on their sales’ techniques. Using segmentation you can create personalized emails, based on your visitors’ habits and interests. Using Remarkety reports and analytics will allow you to identify patterns within segments and decide for yourself what is the best strategy to engage with your audience.

Marketing recommendations Engine

Remarkety’s Marketing Recommendations Engine

If this isn’t enough, Remarkety also has a built-in program designed to automatically analyze your customer data and recommend email marketing strategy campaigns designed specifically around your business needs. The dynamic recommendation engine uses Artificial Intelligence to generate email campaign recommendations with predicted engagement and revenue data that the campaigns are speculated to achieve.

Stay Mobile Friendly

Using your data, take a look at the way people view your website and emails, and you will quickly see a there has been a surge in mobile usage. While some argue that email marketing is becoming dated, we know that email marketing has simply morphed with the times. These days, more than 50% of all emails are read on some sort of a mobile device. 40% of emails are always read on cell phones by viewers aged 14-18, so we can safely assume this trend will grow in the future. If messages you send out aren’t optimized for reading on mobile screens, this will severely impact your reach and potential growth.

There are a lot of turn offs for those who are opening their emails on cell phones. Some of those turn offs include; being bombarded with too many emails, receiving irrelevant emails, receiving emails that are too small to interact with or are poorly formatted, having bad links to your website, or having bad landing pages.

People expect emails that are intuitive and easy to read on smaller screens, and it is your job to provide this.
Optimizing your email marketing strategy for mobile devices is simple with Remarkety. All of our pre-designed email campaign templates are mobile ready. Mobile ready emails combined with a mobile-friendly website, will give your eCommerce brand access to a wider audience-range.

responsive email template

Safety Glasses USA responsive email (

As you can see, your data gives you a wealth of information that you can use to tweak your existing emails. Understanding your customers’ on-site behavior coupled with your collated demographic and industry data, you can quickly be in the position to fully utilize data to build the ultimate email strategy. I would love to hear how you use your data to build your email marketing strategy.