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Spice up your email marketing with Yotpo’s Product Reviews

By April 30, 2018April 5th, 2021How To Guides, News, Product

Yotpo is an awesome User-generated Content platform that allows you to collect, curate and monetize reviews, photos, and Q&A. By contacting only verified buyers, Yotpo has established a reputation for authentic and beautiful user reviews which merchants can use to increase conversions on their website and more effectively promote products on social media. Just read up on some of their success stories if you haven’t done so yet :)

Yotpo and Remarkety integration

Wouldn’t it be great, though, if you could use that magical conversion power of “social proof” in your emails as well? Sure, you could copy-paste reviews into a newsletter, but how amazing would it be to have the best current reviews attached to product recommendations, abandoned cart emails and so on? Pretty amazing, we thought. So we worked together with the Yotpo team and are very pleased and excited to roll out our brand new Yotpo-Remarkety integration!

After a 2-click setup process, Remarkety will connect to your Yotpo account and pull all current (and incoming) user reviews for all of your products. By sprinkling in some tags in your email design, you can effortlessly send out emails like this:

yotpo product reviews in emailsSome of our beta customers have achieved an 80% improvement in click-through rates just by including the product reviews! Yotpo sends us the best reviews as chosen by their proprietary AI engine, so you can be sure that only top performing reviews will be included in an email. Remarkety has also added special tags that generate cool “star ratings” so there’s no need to mess around with html or custom images free essay writer tool – everything’s built in.

Integration is a no brainer and super easy, click here to learn how.¬†We can’t wait to hear about your experience!

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