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3 Advanced Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategies to Use Now

By December 7, 2016July 26th, 2018Email Marketing, How To Guides

Cart abandonment represent the possibility of what could’ve been if a customer hadn’t halted right before checkout. People leave their carts for many reasons, but no matter why they stepped away from them, the fact remains the same: there’s a potential conversion just waiting to be made. If you’re successful in cart abandonment recovery and in getting a customer to come back to checkout, you’ve effectively recovered sales that might never have occurred!cart abandonment

While it might be impossible for you to understand what made someone abandon their cart in the first place, getting them to come back is now the task at hand. You’ve got the opening (the abandoned cart)—now you just need the right pitch to get them to follow through. Let’s take a look at 3 ways to leverage an abandoned cart and how you can persuade shoppers to come back and close the deal:

Set up triggers!

Tracking down every person who triggered a cart abandonment is a near-impossible task—especially if your eCommerce business is prolific. This makes setting up triggers tremendously important. Having auto-generated emails sent to abandoned cart customers in specific intervals means creating touch-points at the right time, without putting in the effort. More than just reaching out to cart abandoners, however, email triggers also keep these shoppers within your sales pipeline. Instead of treating them like a brand new prospect, triggers allow you to speak to them as a partial-conversion, so you can close the deal instead of starting from scratch.

Glasses Abandoned Cart Email

Offer incentive!

What better way to get someone to convert than by offering them a deal? Special deals and coupons as a last resort can be a great way to push that abandoned cart to the finish line. Consider using Remarkety to set up an email trigger that generates a unique coupon for customers who have a 30-day abandoned cart—then, see how many conversions this generates and gauge the dollar value to measure effectiveness! Remember, however, coupons are best used as a last-ditch effort to convert an abandoned cart, otherwise they could condition customers to develop bad habits in order to get special promo access.

cart abandonment campaign

Craft convincing emails!

Simply following up with customers to let them know their cart is still intact won’t do much in convincing them to come back. Instead, focus on creating emails that persuade them to convert. Leverage scarcity through a low-stock alert; prompt via humor with a witty joke; offer a friendly reminder for a passive sale; etc. Creating a tone and feel beyond the generic will engage customers more than just a general reminder ever could.

Newegg Abandoned Cart Email Exmaple

BONUS: Show items in the cart!

Giving customers a visual reminder of what they’ve left behind is a great way to prompt them to come back. Including product pictures in the email helps to inspire the feeling that first led someone to put that item in their cart, and could re-inspire them to convert this time around.

Abandoned cart emails can be an immensely powerful tool when it comes to giving you a second shot at sales. Just sending out emails to once-interested customers isn’t enough, however. You need to send the right message, at the right time, with the right prompts if you have any hope in getting customers to come back.

Remarkety can help you revolutionize the robustness of your abandoned cart emails, breathing new life into forgotten sales.

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