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3 Emails Every Fashion eCommerce Store Needs

By September 18, 2017August 30th, 2018Email Marketing, Uncategorized

With all these new eCommerce marketing gimmicks coming out all the time it’s easy to get lost with what you should be doing, especially if you are a fashion business. I can tell you one thing; many companies are focusing on gimmicks and are forgetting the basics. Time for you to get your foundations sturdy before you start playing around with the new tools on the block.

Email marketing remains the most successful eCommerce marketing tool around. With it’s high ROI and easy to automate options, email marketing should be part of every fashion eCommerce store’s marketing strategy. Want to know more about email automation and find our the 3 emails every fashion eCommerce store needs? Read on

3 Emails Every Fashion eCommerce Store Needs

Email automation is simple: Make a powerful email using a template that is then personalized and segmented to be sent to the right audience members without you having to lift a finger. Every single customer that either does a certain action on your site, buys certain products, or just joins your email list gets your automated emails. Simple

Email automation can be confusing and a bit overwhelming if you have never done it before, so let’s break down the top 3 types of emails that every fashion eCommerce store should have:

1. Welcome Email

Be honest, first impressions matter so much, especially when you’re talking about clothes. People make decisions in seconds. There are so many shops out there, and you want to make sure that yours stands out.

The first impression is your welcome email. Every single customer that signs up to your email list needs to get a warm, welcoming email. It needs to make a good first impression, be on brand, and have a button that leads the customer back to your site.

Below is a great example of a welcome email by Kate Spade. If you were to personalize this email I would recommend adding the first name of the customer in the subject or inside the email.

3 Emails Every Fashion eCommerce Store Needs2. Custom Product Recommendation Emails

The second type of email that you absolutely need to use is a product recommendation. Let’s say that a customer just purchased a product. Now is the best time to send them an email with related products. If they purchased a jacket, send them some pants that go with it. If they bought a dress shirt, send them your best collection of ties. Below is a great example of just such an email.

3 Emails Every Fashion eCommerce Store Needs3. Cart Abandonment Emails

One of the most powerful emails is the cart abandonment email. This is when someone visited your site, added some product to the shopping cart, and then ran off to flip their pancakes.This is a perfect time to give them a gentle nudge. Send them an email that displays the product that they were looking at and an invitation to continue to the checkout.

Sometimes the customer has a question about the product they were looking at. Maybe they ran out of time to ask or couldn’t find the answer. Always add the best ways to reach your company on the bottom of every cart abandonment email.

Pro Tip

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