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3 Reasons to Start Your Holiday Marketing on Thanksgiving Day

By November 21, 2016December 18th, 2016Email Marketing, How To Guides

Kicking your holiday marketing into high gear on Thanksgiving Day is a great way to optimize your efforts for the next month. In fact, there’s no more optimal time to start kicking out email campaigns and dropping teaser banners on your website! Take a look at 3 reasons Thanksgiving Day is the prime window for holiday marketing to begin:

holiday marketing campaigns

        1.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Less than 24 hours after Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday officially marks the start of the holiday shopping season. Just 48 hours after that, Cyber Monday makes a huge push for digital commerce. These two shopping holidays will serve as the jump-off point for all holiday marketing efforts to come over the next few weeks.

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As your eCommerce store sends out emails for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you also have the opportunity to tease upcoming holiday sales. Dedicate a portion of your emails to future sales, to ensure they’re seen by eager readers who are sure to open these sought-after harbingers of sales and deals!

holiday marketing black friday and cyber monday

To take things one step further, use Remarkety’s analytics to see who’s opening and clicking, and further refine your customers into segments based on their actions. How customers respond to Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails can influence how you sell to them in December.

        2.  The laziest day of the year

With bellies full of turkey and apple pie, what do people do after dinner is over? They slump off to the couch, pull out their smartphones and tablets, and begin searching for holiday shopping deals! This is the one time of year that people expect to get marketing emails—and, more than this, they make it a point to open and read them! No other day will net you higher opens and clicks than Thanksgiving Day.

It’s also important to remember that friends and family will be gathered together, all doing the same thing. This means cross-exposure for your site! When your customer shows a sales email to someone else near them, that person has the potential to become a subscriber based on their interest in your email. Remember that on Thanksgiving Day, your emails are brand ambassador tools as well as marketing collateral.

Here again, leverage Remarkety’s subscriber data to help put new customers into a segment that allows you to track who converts over the holiday season and who has potential for ongoing conversions.

        3.  The perfect lead time

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, it’s 31 days—exactly one month for you to put together a comprehensive marketing timeline. Kicking things off on Thanksgiving Day gives you a definitive jump-off point to start creating holiday sales funnels. Use your 31 days wisely and send the right emails to the right customers to maximize sales during this prolific time of year:

  • Send product-specific emails to customers based on applicable holiday sales and promos.
  • Automate follow-up emails after sales to give loyal customers a sneak peek into the future of holiday deals.
  • Recommend holiday gift ideas via email based on past shopper habits.

The possibilities are infinite! And, in using Remarkety to kick off your holiday emails on Thanksgiving Day, you’ll be one step closer to tying all of your marketing efforts together throughout the holiday season.

Find out how Remarkety can help set up your holiday email marketing: Request your free demo today.