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3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your eCommerce Email Marketing Solution

By November 14, 2016August 30th, 2018Email Marketing

Frequent and consistent email marketing is the quickest, most direct way to reach your audience and they can be purposed for infinite reactions. Emails are a staple for businesses big and small, largest among them eCommerce websites.

three reasons to upgrade your email marketing

But an email is not a standard of marketing: it’s merely a medium. All emails are not created equal. To the point, sending general newsletters to eCommerce customers as a way to drive sales isn’t as effective as communicating through an eCommerce email marketing platform.

For eCommerce businesses, newsletters and other general emails fall far short of the goal of creating conversions. Where an eCommerce email marketing solution differs is in its ability to drive macro sales through the micro details. By generating targeted, purposeful emails that are tailored specifically to individual customers, eCommerce-specific emails are able to go above and beyond even the most comprehensive general email campaigns.

1. Drive more revenue

Using segmented customer data is a cornerstone of eCommerce email marketing. Being able to address specific customers with offers, products and messages based on their previous purchases, known shopping habits or peripheral likes means bringing them a piece of marketing worth their time. Better offers mean more clicks, more clicks mean more conversions, and, most importantly, worthwhile emailing habits make communications from your eCommerce more valuable to customers.

This keeps individual sales funnels open, creates consistency in individual shopper habits and can help boost the frequency of conversions, while also lowering your cost of conversion! All of this together equates to more revenue, and it’s all possible through an eCommerce email marketing platform.

VIP Email


2. Automate with efficiency and effectiveness

Email is soundly touted for its ability to give you more for less. Designing and executing an email campaign takes markedly less time than other forms of marketing and can yield considerable results for the effort. The reason for this is automation. Segmented lists and variable data make it easy to design a generalized campaign with customized results.

With an eCommerce email marketing platform, automation capabilities are drastically improved. From abandoned cart emails, to product solicitations based on shopper habits, targeting the right customers with the right message is achievable in less time. Translating segmented customer data into birthday messages, post-purchase follow-ups and other triggers means setting and forgetting your email, to run successful micro-campaigns with near-zero effort

Birthday Email Example


3. Stratify your customer base

Marketing is rarely so simple as connecting a customer with a product that appeals to them—but at its core, this is invariably the goal and a conversion is the result. An eCommerce email marketing platform gets back to basics, to simplify things as closely as possible to this purpose by stratifying your customer base into varying segments of marketability. Fitting thousands of customers with millions of preferences into neat, organized boxes is now possible.

Put John Doe into consumer groups A, B and C based on his past purchase preferences, ensuring he gets targeted communications for these groups. Where manually sorting John Doe and other customers into segmented newsletter lists might only be possible via man-hours and opt-out campaigns, eCommerce email marketing solutions make the process instantaneous and ever-evolving.

Smarter eCommerce emails

Digital data is the key to increasing conversions, and utilizing this data in your eCommerce email campaigns is crucial to the effectiveness of those efforts. Newsletters and other general communications are simply unable to provide this depth of effectiveness, which makes Remarkety essential in maximizing the impact of every email you’re sending.

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