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3 Secret Strategies to Hack Email Segmentation

By July 10, 2017April 30th, 2020eCommerce Trends, Email Marketing, How To Guides

You have a big email list, full of excited subscribers, and you send them great content every week, but see a very low conversion rate… What do you do? How come no one is buying your product? Let me tell you a secret, its because you are not using email segmentation!

Even though your email list is big, it is not efficient. You are emailing everyone on the list without caring for their age, geography, interests, or purchase history. If you use a segment of your list and target specific audiences then you will be able to cater your content to that audience and vastly increase your sales.


How do I do this? What do I choose? You could start with the obvious geographic location, gender, seniority level in a company, and they are all good places to start. If you look a little deeper, email segmentation can help you hack your sales cycle to dramatically boost your business. We’re going to totally blow your mind with 3 strategies to hack email segmentation and help you make more sales.

1)  Purchase Cycle Email Segmentation

Some of your customers only buy during certain times of the year. Some people buy for holidays, some during certain season, and others every few months. Make separate lists for each group of customers so you can be there for them at the exact time that they usually buy your product. Then target them with special offers and discounts to make them more likely to purchase.

What if your customer only buys your product around the holidays? When you create that list and see that it’s a big group of people you might want to create a subscription product just for the holidays. This neat email segmentation hack can help you learn more about your business.

2) Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Segmentation

This strategy is geared towards those of you that have eCommerce sites. How bad is shopping cart abandonment these days? Not bad enough to start its own therapy practice, but definitely bad enough to come up with ways to deal with it.

According to a study conducted by Bamyard Institute 68% of shopping carts were abandoned prior to purchase last year. Which means that if we used email segmentation and reminded those customers about our product we could have boosted our business by an average of 68%.

Come up with creative emails that either offer more discounts or a referral program, or show the customer the products that they abandoned in a creative, and you will likely bring them back to your store.

3) Usage of Email Segmentation

Our last strategy is geared towards apps. Many online businesses have turned mobile including eCommerce. If you have an app and you have worked hard to build your user base you know that the biggest drag is when people stop using it. Sometimes a large chunk of your users could go inactive on mobile for long stretches of time and you could feel like you want to start from scratch.

Don’t panic. The best thing to do is to create a list for each category of users that have stopped using your app, based on their last login. Then email different emails targeting each audience that you have created. Craft a series of several emails with the last including a quick survey asking the user why they haven’t used your eCommerce app in a while. Even if you don’t get that user back you might get some good feedback to help you improve the next version of your app.
These are the three most powerful strategies of email segmentation that we have found work. Please let us know what you thought about it, whether you have used them before, and how they helped you grow you business, in the comments below.