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5 Ways to Use Email to Fight Price Comparison Websites

By September 11, 2017April 15th, 2021How To Guides

One of the most common issues eCommerce merchants face is cart abandonment and the main culprit that causes these issues; price comparison websites.

Have you ever had a customer that added a product to cart but then disappeared? You aren’t alone. Best bets are they disappeared to compare your product with other companies. Comparison shopping is a big problem in the e-commerce world and this is where Remarkety steps in.

price comparison website

More and more people are getting used to looking at other websites to find the best deal. But all this information out there just causes consumers to become overwhelmed, confused or to delay their decision indefinitely. Nightmare

This phenomenon is true in every industry, not just eCommerce. There are a couple of things that people look at when they compare your product or service to another company’s product or service. Customers like to look at:

  • Your social media pages
  • Pages with comparison charts
  • Review pages
  • The availability of your customer service team
  • Offering a personalized service

In order to master the skill of retaining customers and always get the sale, you have to focus on each one of those areas and use email marketing to score the sale. Here are 5 easy steps to do that:

1. Offer discounts to social followers

Customers are more likely to trust your brand if they see you on several different platforms. If they see your site and then they find you on social media then they are so much more likely to buy from you.

How do you get a site visitor to follow you on social media?

First, you need to put a social “follow” button on your popups. Add that next to the email slot. Second, you need to put social sharing and following buttons on your site and in the emails that you send out.

Don’t just put “follow me on Facebook”. Give an incentive to these people! You know that they have 5-second attention spans!

Set up special discounts or rewards to customers/subscribers that follow your social pages. Post the rewards on your social media, and then email all of your customers about the new promotion, with a link to your social media pages.

That will surely get people to interact with your brand in new ways, add more social credibility (by adding more followers) and ultimately increase your sales.

2. Write your own company comparison pages

Customers are very savvy these days and find a lot of info online that compares different brands. They only make a decision once they read that.

The funny thing is that the brand that puts out this information always becomes more reliable than the other ones. Sometimes people are more likely to buy from a brand that freely shares how it compares with other companies out there.

Are you getting my drift?

If you write your own comparison chart and put it up on a page of your site, not only will you get more traffic but people will trust you more! It’s also a chance to highlight all of the advantages that you have over other companies.

Once you create the comparison page make sure to email a link to all of your customers, or ones that are in the process of purchasing and haven’t decided yet.

3. Regularly send out reviews

Reviews are powerful. One time a customer called us and said that she signed up after she spent a good half hour reading every single review we had. Wow!

Customers actually read them, believe it or not! It’s super important to maximize the power of your reviews.

I would recommend only asking really happy customers (obviously) to leave a five-star review. Also, ask them regularly – every quarter, twice a year, etc.

Once you have a great collection of reviews, send them out to your customers via email. Send out specific reviews to each group of customers.

4. Make your team available to talk to customers

The last piece of the puzzle is the availability of your customer service team. Some customers use that as a deciding factor in their purchases.

If they see that the business doesn’t have an easy way to be contacted or if the team is not available through chat they might buy from a different brand!

This is another great asset of an online business.

Use email here as well to send out any updates. Send out emails when you become more available, for example, when you launch a chat on your site. Also, always include in your emails your availability, and links to places where you can be contacted.

5. Personalize every email

You know that we’re all about the email personalization – ‘cause it works!

Every person wants to feel special, cared for, listened to. Your customers want to feel like the emails you send out are specifically written for them!

So personalize them! Put in their first names in the body of the email, or even in the subject. Make sure to segment your list and send out things that are specific to each group.

Another great way to use email personalization is by crafting content specific to each group in your email list and then sending them that piece of content.


Customer retention is key in any business and especially in e-commerce where you don’t see the customer face-to-face. A common reason customers don’t buy from a store is that they do comparison shopping.

To decrease that you should follow our simple 5-step formula: offer discounts to your social followers, write your paper own comparison pages, regularly send out reviews, make your team more available to customer questions, and personalize every email.

If you follow these steps you will be able to keep all the eyeballs on you, even the ADHD ones.