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Max Katsarelas

How to grow sales without coupons

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

We’ve touted coupons and other incentives as a great way to grow sales here and here. Coupons are extremely effective at coercing customers to finish checking out after abandoning their cart, pushing them to place new orders and winning them back after a period of no purchase.

How to grow sales without giving away coupons

Thing is, not all brands believe in coupons or discounts because they’re not trying to give away the farm. At first you might be thinking, who doesn’t believe in coupons or discounting products? (See JC Penny) And what does giving away the farm even mean?

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These ‘how to’ videos will make you an email marketing expert

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

Last year we asked you how we could make Remarkety better and you said newsletters. You’re welcome. Then a couple of months ago, you wanted ‘how to’ email marketing videos. How To eCommerce Email Marketing Videos Tutorials by RemarketyYou wanted to know the best types of conditions and segmentations for different types of email campaigns. You wanted to know how to be email marketing experts.

And you know what? We thought this was a pretty darn good idea. Read More

Use these new email reporting tools to boost sales

By Email Marketing, News

If you consider yourself a “numbers” person, we’ve got something for you. Our latest email reporting tools make it easier than ever to see how your email campaigns are performing.

Numbers Brain Mind

Imagine you’re a small or medium-sized eCommerce business owner or marketer. This probably isn’t too hard considering you are reading this blog post.

Anyways, let’s get back to imagining that you are trying to understand how your email marketing campaigns are performing. What are the important metrics you should be tracking? Moreover, how can you ensure the tracking is authentic? Read More

We are hiring marketing interns for Summer 2015

By Jobs

Remarkety, a funded startup with offices in New York and Israel, is looking for a summer marketing intern. Are you a phenomenal writer? Good. Do you dabble with graphic design and/or enjoy slicing up data in Excel? Even better. Can you eat six saltines in a minute? Of course you can’t. Nobody can.

The internship period will run from June through August at our Manhattan office at 205 E. 42nd St. If you’re interested in digital and content marketing, the trillion dollar eCommerce industry and tech start ups, we’d love to chat. Read More