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Coordinate Cyber Monday Emails for Maximum Opens, Clicks and Sales

By November 27, 2016December 18th, 2016Email Marketing, How To Guides

cyber monday email template

There’s no disputing that the holiday season and Cyber Monday weekend are prime times for eCommerce sales and promotions. Unfortunately, many marketers take this prospect for granted, assuming that if they simply mark down items and send a few emails, that the clicks and sales will come rolling in. To see real results, you’ll have to put in real effort, and that starts by coordinating your Cyber Monday campaigns and emails.

Step 1: Make a Timeline

Organization is tantamount to execution when it comes to the success of eCommerce sales. Putting your sales on a calendar allows you to see when they’re taking place and will give you frame of reference for any efforts you make to promote them. This includes sending emails.

Once you plot your sale on the calendar, work backwards to see how you can make your customers aware of that sale, hype them up, and then introduce it to them. Remarkety can help you automate a drip email campaign or can narrow your focus to a specific group of customers based on the nature of your sale. This organized approach will lead to a more effective execution when the time finally comes to set your sale in motion.

Now that the sale time has finally arrived and, you’re ready to send out and introduce your long-anticipated Cyber Monday campaigns, Remarkety has introduced a brand new email template just in time for the Cyber Monday weekend.  The new Cyber Monday template was designed to be set-up and sent out in a matter of minutes simply by selecting the template, inserting your message, image and (product) offering using the easy “drag and drop” and built-in text editor for delivering an optimized and successful campaign.

The All New Drag and Drop Cyber Monday Template Can Be Set-Up and Launched in Minutes

drag and drop email template for cyber monday

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cyber monday email template

Step 2: Connect your campaigns

Cross-channel marketing is a superb way to raise the effectiveness of your campaign, but only if your channels complement each other. Work to connect social media posts, blog posts, press releases and marketing emails together in a way that creates a viable sales funnel! For example:

  • Advertise a “members only” special on Facebook, Twitter or other social network. Connect this post to a signup form for your email list.
  • Use Remarkety to sort new subscribers from the social network into a list. Create Magento generated, personalized coupon codes for each new subscriber.
  • Trigger a coupon email to be sent to your new subscribers, to be used for the “members only” deal. This email can also contain links to landing pages.
  • Set up landing pages on your website to funnel clicks from your email to product groups where the coupon code can be used on select products.

The above sales funnel does more than just net you conversions: it also cultivates new customers, sorts them, and channels them appropriately into your customer ecosystem! When more holiday deals go live, you can tap into this new group with even more targeted sales!

Step 3: Set up triggers

It’s nearly impossible to keep up with a holiday marketing campaign in real-time—especially when there are A/B variables involved based on customer reactions and interactions. To ensure its success, triggers need to be put in place. Some convenient triggers that can get the ball rolling on a successful campaign include:

  • Sending an email to customers when a product goes live on your site.
  • Sending a follow-up email when customers make a purchase, abandon a cart, add something to their wish list, etc.
  • Send an email when specific product stock drops below a threshold.
  • Send an email 3 days prior to a sale event.

Email triggers can be the lynchpin for success in your holiday campaign, and with the help of Remarkety, programming them and qualifying them is made simple. And, as soon as you tip that first domino, the rest will follow neatly as your campaign rolls itself out!

Bringing it all together

Creating conversions means getting people’s attention, prompting them to click, and persuading them to buy. This starts with an organized approach and precise execution. Email is at the heart of this process, and there’s no better resource than Remarkety to give you the tools for email success.

Instead of casting a wide net and hoping to reel in sales this cyber weekend, why not take a more purposeful approach instead? Remarkety can help, to solidify your holiday sales channels and keep things organized during the chaos of the sales season.