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How to Create a Kickass Loyalty Program – Part 3

By October 4, 2017October 26th, 2017Email Marketing, How To Guides

Thank you all for your feedback. I really appreciate it and am grateful to hear that you are all eagerly awaiting the final part of our ‘Create a Kickass Loyalty Program’ series.

As we have discussed in part 1 and part 2, loyalty programs are a vital part of eCommerce success. They not only encourage customers to return to your store, thus reducing your churn; they also form an important part of your growth strategy.

In the final part of our series, we are going to show you with emails you need to have as part of your loyalty program, and will show you some awesome examples of loyalty program emails that work.

Loyalty Program and ecommerce emails

Aside from push notifications, excited millenials, and coffee enthusiast you need to have some legitimate email marketing happening for your loyalty program. The best part is that of course you can automate this entire process so that email marketing works for you behind the scenes and generates repeat business.

Here are the top 5 email templates you need to have as part of your loyalty program:

1. Monthly reward statement

It’s super important to send each customer their rewards for the month. This is how they keep track of progress, how they plan what to buy with their points, and how they compete with their friends.

MONTHLY SUMMARY loyalty program2. Notification of the next rewards level

If you use gamification in your loyalty program it means that each customer collects a certain amount of points and then levels up to the next rewards level. Notify your customer for when they  are close to reaching the next level. It will get them motivated to continue participating and will remind them to continue shopping.loyalty program

3. Reward expiration reminder

Remind each customer when their rewards are expiring. It’s a good idea to set a time limit for using the rewards accumulated by each customer, in order to see more sales. A gentle reminder will help you increase repeat business.

loyalty program4. Tier status achievement

Celebrate when a customer has reached a new rewards level. Send them a quick thank you note and all their added perks for their new level. This will be the happiest moment of their life.

loyalty program5. Inactive customer reminder

You will get some inactive customers, people that have forgotten about your program or that have stopped referring their friends or shopping for product. A gentle reminder is always welcome, especially if you make it into an exciting or funny email. Make sure to have it fit with your brand, and to send some of your best selling products and the rewards they can expect to receive – to remind the customer of your awesomeness.

loyalty programRecap

Loyalty programs are absolutely amazing for an eCommerce business. They increase repeat purchases and turn customers into brand loyalists. Having a loyalty program will make your brand much more rewarding and memorable for the customer. If done right it can become a powerful, revenue stream for your business.