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Creating a Smarter Automated Email Marketing Foundation for Your Vape Shop

By January 4, 2017July 26th, 2018Email Marketing, How To Guides

Email Marketing Foundations for Your Vape ShopThe explosion of the vape industry is prolific. Thousands of eLiquid producers are vying for shares of a demographic that just keeps growing as people put down their cigarettes and pick up an eCigarette. Unfortunately, this means that the cost per acquisition for each new customer to your eCommerce vape shop is only going up.

You could spend thousands each month on AdWords or other PPC schemes to try and draw in traffic, or you could leverage one of the most important characteristics of this shopper group to grow your vape shop’s notoriety: loyalty. When vapers find a company they like, it’s not long before that brand and its eLiquid flavors become well-known in circles. For this reason, paying attention to your email marketing may be a smarter way of attracting new vape users, even if you’re not directly marketing to them!

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Establishing an email foundation

Before you think about leveraging your existing customer base to try and earn new customers, it’s critical to examine your emailing effectiveness. Are you being consistent in your emails? What kind of content are you emailing? What’s the quality of each email you’re sending? What does the CTR look like on campaigns?

Using Remarkety data, you can discern the answers to all of these questions and more to establish your existing efforts, before you open a new can of worms! A few core steps to take include:

  • Segmenting: Organize your customer groups into segments. This could be as broad as “customers w/ 2 orders or more per month” to as niche as “customers who most generally order tobacco flavors.” Segments will set the tone for future emails, allowing you to send the right message to the right customers.
  • Consistently: Start sending emails on a regular basis. Try to send them on the same day, at the same time or featuring the same content. This will develop good habits for you and your customers, and will help reduce the number of non-interactions. It’ll also keep you from over-sending too many emails.
  • Automation: Automation is going to play a huge role in the success of your email campaigns. Set up triggers for new customers, abandoned carts, customer retention, etc. and watch as Remarkety does work for you in the background. As your customer base grows, these triggers will help facilitate a more seamless customer experience.

Growing your scope of influence

Gaining ground in the crowded vaping industry means distinguishing yourself through your products and how they’re presented. We can’t help you create a great product, but Remarkety can absolutely help you position and leverage it! Growing your scope of influence means creating emails that generate buzz among your current customers… which is sure to travel outside of this group at the next local vape meet, on a forum or just by word of mouth.

Here are a couple of quick ways to boost your email presence and establish your eLiquid products among customers, both new and existing:

  • Leverage sales and specials in a unique light! Having a hardware sale? Explain the benefits of shopping with you over the competition. Got a special on eLiquid? Offer descriptive selling points and appeal to customers based on past purchase trends.
  • Offer a first-time customer coupon and track it through Remarkety. In an industry where prices can vary wildly, a coupon is always welcome and can help establish your products to someone who might not otherwise spend the money to try them.
  • Send newsletters regarding industry developments, new products or company growth. The vaping industry will eventually begin to parse and consolidate, which means establishing your company as a transparent, sustainable one. Customers flock to stability.

These types of emails and more like them set the tone for growth via marketing through your existing customers. Sometimes the best way to grow outward is by looking inward, and in the case of the expansive vaping industry, this can often be the case. Let Remarkety help you leverage the customers you already have to help generate a brand new following through email!

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