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Customer Segmentation Drives Better Product Recommendations

By April 24, 2017July 26th, 2018Email Marketing, How To Guides

segmentationTrying to get a room full of people to agree on the same thing is hard. But, if you separate people into groups of like-minded individuals, it’s a lot easier to come to a consensus. Email segmentation is the same principle—separating people into groups with common traits and habits, in order to market more effectively. And, once you do this, offering up something like a product recommendation becomes incredibly easy and effective.

Segmentation isn’t just the key to generating more product recommendations—it’s the ideal method for generating better recommendations. This gives you the upper hand when it comes to driving sales, creating brand loyalty and creating better marketing emails.


Pick a segment

segmentation of customersThe more data you have on your customers, the more segmentation options are available to you. Likewise, this means more opportunities for refining product recommendations. Remarkety gives you control over determining which factors go into segmentation, affording you the ability to send a more targeted email advertisement. Some examples include:

  • Recommend products at or below a $50 price point to customers with an average order spend in this range.

  • Target customers who buy a certain brand with recommendations of products they haven’t yet purchased from this company.

  • Provide product recommendations based on products that have been viewed by the individual customers

  • Break out a segmented list by country to offer specific, high-selling items to customers within a country where they’re popular.

Remarkety’s powerful segmentation capabilities make it possible to cast a net that’s as small or as broad as it needs to be, depending on your focus. And, within each segmented email, it’s possible to use the defining data from these categories to fuel smarter recommendations.


Push products that make sense

The great thing about segmentation is that it works in reverse too. Instead of starting with a segment and offering up product recommendations, you can instead start with a product and delineate a marketable segment for recommending that product. This is ideal for moving specific inventory, rather than just presenting random recommendations.segmentation

For example, you may sell something like a matching set of gloves, a hat and a scarf—each as separate items. If a shopper purchases the hat, the door is open for you to segment and market appropriately through product recommendations. You can create a segment that includes only shoppers with a purchase history that includes the hat, with specific messaging recommendations for the gloves and scarf. If you’re looking to drive sales, even more, you can also use a highly targeted coupon.

It all stems back to the information you have. In this case, knowing a customer’s affinity for a single product automatically opens the door for two more. Remarkety’s powerful segmentation capabilities make it possible to quickly and effectively target this niche of shoppers with viable product recommendations.


Recommend wisely

Using email list segmentation is one of the easiest ways to appeal to groups of your customers—particularly when it comes to product recommendations. Pay close attention to all of the data at your disposal, segment properly and recommend wisely and you’ll be well on your way to keeping your customers interested beyond the items they’ve already chosen to purchase.


Learn more about how unique coupons and smart product recommendations can help your business. Schedule your personalized walkthrough with an email marketing specialist today!