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Customer Segmentation the Best New Year’s Resolution You Can Make

By December 26, 2016August 8th, 2018Email Marketing, How To Guides

After the holiday season is over, your list of email subscribers should be booming. From Thanksgiving to Black Friday, Cyber Monday to Christmas and beyond to the upcoming New Year’s Eve, customers have every reason to add their names to your marketing list, with the expectation of getting worthwhile emails about sales, products and promotions.customer segmentation

Instead of clumping these new customers into your existing pool of email recipients, the best thing you can do is to sit down with this new repository of data and make some informed decisions about customer segmentation. Doing this at the start of a new year can make a tremendously positive impact on your email marketing statistics in the coming 12 months!

How to divvy up your data into customer segmentation’s

Segmenting can be as general or as refined as you want it to be—it all depends on how you plan on marketing to your customers. Moreover, customers can belong to several segments, making it possible to appeal to them in numerous different ways. Check out some basic refinements that can help you start the segmenting process:

  • Gender: Marketing products to men vs. marketing them to women can be a huge shift in focus and principle! Tagging your customers by their gender is a simple way to make sure you’re selling the right people the right things in the right way.
  • Email preference: If you had an email opt-in that included preferences, this is an ideal way to call-out specific customers. Customers will tell you if they want to be a part of your general newsletter, specials emails, promotions, or any other type of communication. Best of all, there’s no guesswork—the customers will sort themselves!
  • Last order date: Knowing who your active customers are vs. your stale ones can help you market the right message and offer the proper incentives.segment

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The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg! Thanks to Remarkety’s robust customer segmentation options, you can narrow your customer focus to extremely refined levels. Let’s take a look at a few granular examples:

  • Total customer spend: Rind out who your high-rollers are and what your “penny-pinchers” are willing to spend.
  • Total orders: Who keeps coming back to your site and who might need some convincing to come back?
  • Geography: Got a deal that’s location-specific? Make sure you’re only appealing to customers in that area!
  • Product-specific tags: Having a sale on X? Target only customers who have purchased X in the past!
  • Opt-in source: Target customers who came to you through social media, referrals or SEO, and leverage the right message.Customer Segmentations Image

The more you work to build your customer segments, the more possibilities you’ll have for targeted marketing. Moreover, the most impactful your email messaging will be, because it’ll be tailored at a fundamental level for a specific group of customers!

This New Year’s, take your existing email base—including that influx of customers from the end-of-the-year holiday chain—and start segmenting! With Remarkety on your side, it won’t take long to build a comprehensive group of targeted customers lists. Then, all it takes it maintenance with each new subscriber, leading to a future of better, smarter email marketing.

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