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Designing Email Newsletters Like the Pros

It’s not hard to tell the difference between great newsletters or marketing emails and a poorly designed one. Great emails have all of the same traits: a personal tone, convenient calls to action, a message that’s on-point and, of course, a design that’s appealing to the reader.designing emails like pros

But designing great eCommerce marketing newsletters and email is about more than just plugging some variables into a general format. To truly capture a customer’s attention and convince them to click, you’ll need to design something that looks, sounds and feels professional. Remarkety understands this, which is why we put all of the necessary tools in your hands via our robust drag-and-drop editor.

Simplifying excellence

The general misconception is that you need extensive HTML experience and expensive editors to create a great email. Not so! Remarkety proves this by offering eCommerce stores a simple drag-and-drop design editor, along with a bevy of pre-coded variable data tags that add functionality to your design. In effect, you get powerful design capabilities that enable just about anyone to put together an effective email campaign!newsletters templates

Focus on flow

The first step in any well-designed email is determining the overall flow of the message. Do you want to come out, guns blazing as you announce a huge sale? Are you appealing to customers before you ask them to buy? What’s the most important part of your message vs. lesser important focuses?

Make a list of everything that’s going into your email, then order that list to ensure the most important thing is at the top. This is how your email should look! Also, be conscious of email length and space allotments for each message. For example, your email might offer 50% of its total length to announcing a new product, with 30% under that devoted to clearance items, 10% of the space going to a survey CTA and 10% focusing on social icons.

With Remarkety’s drag-and-drop nature, arranging and organizing is simple and can be done as many times as you need to achieve the perfectly proportioned message.newsletters templates gif

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Visuals are key

The big picture of any email marketing piece is… pictures! People expect to see visuals when they open an email, so make sure to put your best image(s) front and center. Images should be relevant, appealing, professional-quality and proportionate to the rest of the email. Images also serve as CTAs and should come equipped with dynamic links that take people to where they need to go.Asos Reward Email Example

Variable data

Using Remarkety’s built-in variable data codes, it’s possible to ensure your recipients are addressed by name, recommended applicable products, and above all, spoken to personally, instead of as just another customer. It’s easy to get creative with Remarkety’s capabilities as well! Add variable data for the last item they purchased, the total number of orders they’ve made and more! Personalization is the key to a more effective marketing message.

Remarkety also has drag-and-drop product recommendations and coupon code generators, to help you tailor every email to the person receiving it.newsletters templates design

Appeal is everything

Before you send any email or newsletters, make sure to use Remarkety’s preview feature to see what your customers will see. Previewing newsletters on desktop and mobile will give you an idea of what can be done to maximize the effectiveness of your message.

If you’re really looking to boost appeal and develop tried and true messages, don’t forget about designing 2 different emails with the same message, for A/B testing. This can help you root out design elements that just aren’t working with your customers and replace them with different approaches that might resonate better with your audience.

Start mocking up your emails with Remarkety today and you’ll quickly see that it doesn’t take HTML expertise or expensive tools to craft a great email—it just takes some careful consideration and the right resources!

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