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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Conquered Like a Pro

By November 8, 2016December 18th, 2016Email Marketing, How To Guides

Not so many years ago, Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the undisputed single-day sales leaders in the world of ecommerce. Over the past few years, however, revenue has dropped on these days, leaving opportunity for sales where once they were a guarantee.

black friday and cyber monday

This downward trend has opened the door for better ecommerce email marketing, giving savvy marketers a way to bolster their sales while the competition struggles. Sending out an email packed with discounts and coupons just doesn’t cut it anymore, though—to create the perception of true value on your ecommerce, you’ll need to take your Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails to a whole new level.

Remarkety helps you optimize your email efforts on the two biggest digital sales days of the year, by putting the power of automation at your fingertips! Take a look at some of the ways Remarkety can help you attract conversions on days when seemingly everyone is offering a deal:

Offer a discount that’s truly appealing

Don’t waste Black Friday or Cyber Monday emails touting gimmicks or pitching ploys—instead, give your customers a deal they can get on board with. Using past purchase data or different list segments, you can carve out deals specific to customers, instead of relying on a generalized sale to get things going. Remarkety can automate your organization of multiple sales tiers by triggering specific sales emails to targeted customer groups.

Reward Email


Track your per-customer conversion rate

Because Remarkety integrates directly with Magento and other top-tier ecommerce platforms, it can create and track Magento coupon codes directly within your ecommerce environment, telling you who converted and who you still need to persuade. When used in tandem with both digital holidays, Remarkety can give you a one-two punch or a second chance to make a sale.


Push abandoned carts as a conversion tool

With abandoned cart tracking already part of the Remarkety ecosystem and always a focus when it comes to boosting sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an optimal time to get customers back on track to the checkout page. Send emails with special offers tailored specifically to abandoned cart customers, to restore the appeal of the items they may have forgotten about. You’ll reactivate a customer, convert a sale and move product in one fell swoop.

Baby Clothing Abandoned Cart


Preview sales with drip emails

Few people are waiting idly by their computer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to activate—they need to be prompted and reminded in advance. Use Remarkety’s triggers to send drip emails leading up to the holidays, to advertise relevant deals to customers and get them excited for a purchase. Offering a sneak-peak is also a great way to create urgency—especially if you’re only offering limited stock of specific products.

Invest in the power of email

Email is the number one resource to generate hype for the digital holidays, and Remarkety is going to be your foremost tool in maximizing email effectiveness. Thanks to immersive integration with Magento and other platforms, as well as segmenting, triggering, coupon generation and performance tracking, Remarkety gives ecommerce marketers the edge in crafting effective campaigns.

Don’t let Black Friday and Cyber Monday slip by with only a moderate uptick in sales. Instead, leverage Remarkety and make these digital holidays the biggest sales days of the year for your ecommerce.

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