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Driving Traffic to your Website and Increasing Subscriber Lists

Outside of driving traffic to your site as a main focus for the eCommerce manager, there are certain things you want visitors to accomplish once they visit your eCommerce site.

driving traffic

The larger goal is obviously to create a new customer, but it’s far from the only objective. In fact, you can think of every customer visit as a report card with several key goals—the more you’re able to check off, the better job your site is doing when it comes to measuring success. For example:

  • Did a customer purchase a product?
  • Did they share their experience on Facebook or Twitter?
  • Did they sign up for your email subscribe list?

Measuring customer actions against this “report card” allows you to see what else you could be doing to improve the customer experience, grow your brand and strengthen customer retention.If converting a sale is the top priority, getting visitors to sign up for your email list is a close second. The reason for this is simple: even if a visitor didn’t convert the first time around, having their email address gives you another chance to score top marks on your eCommerce visitor report card. This automatically makes collecting email signups a high priority.demoIncreasing signups

The first and best way to add subscribers to your email newsletter is to have them checkout with a sale. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the easiest method of gathering contact info. More often than not, you’ll have to persuade prospective customers to part with their email information. To do this, successful eCommerce sites take a variety of important approaches:

  • Incentivize signup: Offering a one-time coupon in exchange for signup information is an upfront way to boost subscribers. And, with Remarkety’s coupon code integration for Magento 1.x and Magento 2, you can even track who converts on these codes to better follow up with them.
  • Offer options: By giving subscribers an opportunity to segment themselves based on preference, you’ll make email more enticing. If subscribers know they’re only getting the emails they want, they’re more apt to respond to your request for signup.
  • Create value: Offering exclusive content, products, information or deals to email subscribers is a great way to justify the value in signing up. If you tout the benefits of your email, expect people to observe a greater value in giving you their info.

In addition to the above tactics for making an email signup more appealing, it’s also important to create interactions that prompt visitors to sign up. The more chances for signup you have, the more chances for capture you have:

  • Consider a popup that advertises email signup as someone goes to “x-out” of your stores.
  • Have a signup prompt featured on your homepage and in your footer for store-wide visibility.

Channeling and driving traffic

As you amass subscribers and build up your various email segments, it’s important to leverage them in a way that will best drive those subscribers to act. It’s here that we return to the report card concept: how do you get them to your website to create a conversion or, at the very least, become a brand ambassador? It all depends on the behavior of that list—something Remarkety can help you identify and qualify!

Driving traffic, emails and conversions are all cyclical: one powers another, which powers another, which starts the whole process over again. Getting customers into this cycle is easiest through email, and Remarkety can help ensure you capture and keep subscribers with smarter data and better insight.

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