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Industry Targeted Email Marketing Strategies

By October 8, 2017October 26th, 2017Email Marketing, How To Guides

Are you overwhelmed by all the different email marketing strategies out there? Are you frantically trying to subscribe to as many newsletters as you can to get ideas? The hours of time it will take to clean up your email box are just not worth it.

There has to be another strategy to get all the right tips and tricks you need to make sure you have your email all sorted out… that’s right! Read our blog!

This week, we look at how different industries use email and what strategies and general rules you can learn from them. Here we go!

email marketing strategies industries

There are numerous types of emails that you, as an eCommerce merchant can, and should be sending. However, as we have mentioned before, one-size does not fit all and you need to design your email marketing strategies around your industry.

1: Be Proactive

It’s time to proactively communicate shipping information around events/holidays. What do I mean? Simple. Communication is key. It was a big, but obvious, step for every online business to send the shipping dates to each customer via email. When was that… like 10 years ago?

Ok, great, but what’s the next step? Time to pre-empt your communication efforts.

Each year around holidays national events e-commerce sites get slammed with traffic. One way to alleviate it is to send an email to all the customers before the busy period begins. Try offering them a special option to ship product before a certain date. If a customer gets a discount for ordering something early, there is less pressure on the store during the holiday period and your customer feels they have received a bargain.

You can create specific cutoffs or countdowns to create a sense of urgency. Here is a great example:

 email marketing template
2: Perfect the welcome email

The B2C world has perfected welcome emails. Whenever you subscribe to any B2C site you immediately get a welcome email. If it’s an e-commerce site they usually offer you a generous offer or coupon.

As they say, the first impression is the most important. So you have to really master this technique.

This is not a time to be stingy. Think about customer retention. Remember eCommerce is not all B2C! The right welcome email technique is vital for B2B businesses too. If you retain this customer, even if you are B2B, and especially if you are a SAAS business, then you will get more profit from their repeat business and referrals. Check out this example below:

Email marketing shop now example

3: Partner with other content creators and businesses

There has been a new trend in the world of email marketing, and it’s pretty strange. It involves partnering with others.

I signed up with a company a few months ago, and in the beginning, they sent me emails about their product, as to be expected. But then they totally surprised me. They sent me a deal on a product of a different business.

Rather than being annoyed, I thought this was totally brilliant as the product was extremely complimented my needs.

If you don’t feel comfortable advertising someone else’s product or if you don’t have time to negotiate a partnership you can simply share their content. A lot of businesses do this. Let’s say you only publish 1-2 blog posts per week. You can offer more value to your subscribers by sending an email with the top 10 recent posts from a variety of other sites in your industry.

Here is an example from Moz:



Every industry uses time-tested email marketing strategies that you should consider for your business. Here is the recap:

  • Create limited time shipping options for special events

  • Offer a discount in a welcome email

  • Curate content and partner with other businesses

Have you found other awesome email tactics? Let us know in a comment below!