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Generating More Opens and Clicks This Thanksgiving and Cyber Weekend

By November 23, 2016December 18th, 2016Email Marketing, How To Guides, News

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday A.KA. “Cyber Weekend” herald a deluge of marketing emails each year. With so many emails flying around in cyberspace and beginning to pile up in customer inboxes, it’s important to create messaging that’s going to stand apart from your competition.

cyber weekend generating more clicks and opens

Here are a few ways to draw the attention of your customers with a can’t-miss marketing email, and how Remarkety can help give you the edge when it comes to generating opens and clicks that count:

Leverage language

Everyone is having a sale on across this Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, but not all sales are the same. The more appealing your sale sounds, the more clicks your email is going to trigger. Consider what you’re offering and how it’s worded—especially for general sales. Make it really appealing to customers by instilling value right from the get-go. Some attention-grabbing examples include:

  • “Free gift with purchase,” which guarantees a reward for shoppers.
  • “BOGO” and “BOGO 1/2” are succinct and easy to spot while scrolling through emails.
  • “Enter to win” can prompt people to see what’s worth giving away.

Remarkety can help you learn what types of sales are most appealing to your customers, so you can fine-tune your offering between Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or as you plan for Christmas specials. Create emails with unique URL trackers to see which deals are getting the most clicks, then utilize that verbiage for future deals!

Themed holiday templates

Another noteworthy and effective method guaranteed to grab your customers attention is using an email template that was designed for the upcoming holiday.  Part of any successful campaign is the creative design which only helps deliver, empower and boost your marketing message.  To make this holiday weekend extra festive, Remarkety released two new email marketing templates just in-time for the weekend which are sure to drive the message, engagement and a higher CTR.

Creating your next successful email marketing campaign has never been easier.  As always, the new templates were designed with ease in mind. Each of the templates can be set-up and sent in a matter of minutes by simply selecting the template of choice and adjusting your message, image and (product) offering with the easy “drag and drop” and built in text editor.  #done!

Thanksgiving email marketing template

Customize your offers

Customers love having exclusive access—especially when it means getting something before everyone else. You can create the illusion of inclusion or generate true exclusivity by using Remarkety to generate personalized dynamic and personalized coupon codes for both Magento 1.x and Magento 2 that integrate directly into your eCommerce store.

Give loyal shoppers early access to deals, higher percentages off or better peripheral features, track their clicks and qualify your sales! For new customers or those with abandoned carts, offer targeted deals that encourage specific sales, all under the umbrella of a great Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal.

Remember, coupons are tracked and, when combined with different customer segments, can be used to track the effectiveness of individual sales funnels!

cyber weekend email template for black friday

cyber weekend

Send at strategic times

Sending your email at the right time is critical in generating opens, and it can be the difference between sending a viable offer and sending spam in the eyes of the customer. Use Remarkety data to pinpoint when you’re getting the most opens per your subscriber base and use that as a launching point for your Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber weekend email campaigns. Some considerations include:

  • Trigger emails to be sent for local time, to blanket time zones appropriately.
  • Avoid sending emails too early or too late in the day.
  • If sending multiple emails to the same customer groups, careful not to overlap!

If your emails are lucky enough to hit inboxes at a time when other marketing messages aren’t, you’ve exponentially increased your chances of an open, and potentially a click.

Every customer inbox is going to be a battleground this coming weekend — there’s no escaping it. Instead of adding to the noise, make sure you’re sending out messaging that engages customers and prompts them to give your emails attention above others. The above strategies are just a start—don’t forget about all of the other ways Remarkety can help you!

Find out how Remarkety can help with your email marketing: Request your free demo today or why not try us out absolutely free!

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