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The importance of email sign-ups and data collection

email marketingEmail marketing is a low-cost, yet hugely successfully revenue-generator, marketing tool that delivers a high ROI for eCommerce businesses. Research has proven the more marketers can track, analyze and personalize, the more effective this tool becomes. Email has been reported as being the most popular and powerful communication tool amongst eCommerce businesses due to its ability to get the right message to the right consumer and the right moment in time. Of course, email marketing is only possible if you capture consumers’ email details.

There are four major benefits of capturing email addresses and incorporating email marketing into your eCommerce business, including:


1: Emails campaigns are not intrusive – but expected

Once the consumer has signed up to your website and submitted their email address they have given you permission to open a line of communication. Email is a less intrusive way of connecting with the consumer, it does not intrude on personal details such as their home address and it does not distract from everyday life activities like a phone call may. Email is a straight-forward way to convey a message that the consumer expects and can read at their convenience.


2: Cost-effective

Email marketing allows you to communicate to a large audience at minimal cost with a big impact and because the target audience has been qualified, the ROI is exceptionally high in comparison to other mass marketing sources such as sending leaflets or posting ads in publications. Email marketing is estimated on average to give a 200% return on investment across all verticals, eCommerce businesses often see higher ROI, with on average $100 earned for every $1 spent. Personalized and segmented email campaigns can push the analytics and ROI envelope even further as each customer touch-point is tailored around that specific users collected data and purchase history.


3: Multi-purpose use

Email is a multi-purpose communication tool that can be used for direct sales, to educate and to add value to your consumers. The more targeted the email, the more specific the content can be. The aim is to provide the audience with the relevant content they require at the right moment in time. If a consumer purchased a new product they may be interested in information on how to care for the product, what related product could be of use to them, notified of an available update for the product. Emails do not have to be “just” sales based, informative emails have been proven to build loyalty which in the long term will increase your overall revenue.


4: Automation and data collection

In the world of eCommerce, one of the most vital pieces of information you require is the email address, however, to build a detailed buyer persona it would be useful to collect as much data as possible during the signup process. Form fields during sign-up should be arranged as simple drop-down lists to help you segment your lists accordingly. The sales process has a natural lifecycle which acts as automated email triggers. Automated emails allows email marketers to ensure communication is sent to the right audience at a relevant time without having to manually construct and send individual emails. Keeping the communication line open and relevant will ensure you, as an eCommerce business, supports the customer journey from start-to-end on a personalized level.

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