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Improve your email Reputation and Build a Rapport


Segmentation of your audience will not only improve your overall revenue through direct sales, but it will more importantly improve your email reputation and your customer relations.

Email marketing has the stigma of being a “hard sales” tool and consumers are reluctant to give their email address in fear of being bombarded with sales related emails every five minutes. In order to achieve email marketing success, you need to be able to remove that stigma and encourage sign-ups.


Sending targeted, segmented emails to your customers naturally creates a two-way line of effective communication. Targeted emails are more engaging since they convey a relevant message to the consumer who is more receptive to informative content than a blanket sales pitch. If you were to open an email from your friend and it clearly relates to a holiday plan they have with another friend you will not only have no interested in this email but will probably become agitated that you received this email as it clearly was not relevant for you.stop


How is email reputation classified?

Your email reputation is based upon the way email providers view you and seriously affects whether your emails even make it to the inbox. Although you may have all the good intentions to deliver great content, those spambots do not trust you. Did you know that around 70% of all emails sent are considered Spam? Your email reputation is built upon the following:

1: Spam complaints – This is as simple as it gets, your recipients are saying you have no permission to send them emails and are labeling you as Spam. To reduce this potentially fatal error, ensure that emails are only sent to those that have opted in, always include an unsubscribe link and sign up for feedback loops that allows you to monitor email addresses that marked you as spam and will allow you to remove these addresses from your mailing list

2: Open rate – If your recipients are not opening your emails then you obviously are not sending them relevant content and the Spambots will quickly catch you. Improve open-rates by making it clear who is sending the email, having a great subject header and even include a snippet in your pre-header and always test your emails prior to sending them to check the subject line looks great

3: Bounce-rate – Emails returning are not only annoying it highlights you to Spambots.  A high bounce rate means that you are sending emails to people that don’t exist. The main reason this happens is because someone has signed up an accidentally misspell their address, they’ve since changed their email account or they signed up using a business address that does not allow incoming emails from non-authorized companies.  You can stop some of this by using a double opt-in system that requests someone confirms their subscription.


Frequent and relevant communication will help you to build a relationship with you customers. With the use of segmentation, you can better understand your consumer and what they are looking for and tailor content accordingly. Your consumers will quickly realize that your emails are relevant to their needs and will therefore be more receptive and eager to open the emails, awaiting the interesting content that they have been accustomed to receiving from you. Building a positive email reputation and a customer rapport will reap great benefits for you as a business.


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