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Increase Conversions Using Dynamic Data-Driven Product Recommendations

By July 13, 2017November 21st, 2017Email Marketing, How To Guides, Uncategorized

Product recommendations are a critical element in almost any  email marketing campaign, and has been a core feature in Remarkety since our launch in 2012. As an industry leader in email marketing, the Remarkety team has continuously updated all features along with technological advances.

In this article, we are going to dive into the world of product recommendations in email marketing and how you can utilize this powerful tool to increase your overall sales, conversion rates and revenue. What’s more, we are going to show you how Remarkety has taken product recommendations to the next level.

product recommendation in emails to increase sales

What makes Remarkety’s personal product recommendation feature so effective?

Remarkety’s data-driven product recommendation feature uses predictive analytics to generate personalized product recommendations for your customers. The recommendation engine executes powerful eCommerce algorithms that were tested on over 30 Million shoppers. This feature not only utilizes your orders, on-site inventory levels, images, and product links but also utilizes your customers’ real-time shopping behavior data. 

Direct integration with your CRM and catalog data allows Remarkety to generate product recommendations relevant to the user’s actual onsite activity, from the product  pages they’ve browsed to the price range of the items they have viewed/purchased. Using this information with machine-learning, Remarkety will predict the right product recommendations for each and every one of your customers.

There is no need to upload inventory lists, images or products links to your Remarkety account, all you need to do is plug&play Remarkety to your eCommerce platform and allow our machine-learning, data-driven feature do the rest.

browse abandonment product recommendations email

Retarget Customers Effectively

Personalized product recommendations are a valuable retargeting tool, especially useful in browse and cart abandonment campaigns. They allow you to provide your customers with a second opportunity to  purchase whilst enticing them with relevant alternative products that might be of interest.

Increase Conversions with Personalization

Personalization is key to email success rates. A recent study by the Aberdeen Group. The report saw the following success rates in personalized emails:

  • 14% rise in click-through rates
  • 10% rise in sales conversions!

BigCommerce, one of the leading eCommerce platforms, actively researched personalized product recommendations. Their statistics show us the overall effect personalized product recommendations have on eCommerce:

  • 50% increase in AOV (Average Order Value)
  • 150% in conversions
  • 300% increase in store revenue

These studies show that personalization is a key ingredient in email marketing success and  customers respond to more than just their name written into an email. Remarkety’s product recommendation feature gives you more. It gives you the power to create fully personalized, one-of-a-kind, messages from your unique on-site data.

using data to recommend products in emails

Learn more about how product recommendations work

This is the fun part. Let’s take for example Fred. Fred has recently viewed our new computer category and then left the website. He returned a few days later and placed some items in his cart but unfortunately he still did not purchase. Here is the perfect opportunity for us to send him an email from our abandoned cart automation series. To get his interest we will not only only include items from his cart but we will also include some product recommendations to help him back to our website.

personalized recommendations based on ecommerce data

In the above example  you can see we have given Fred additional  options for each of his chosen products in his cart. This is where Remarkety gets clever. We don’t expect you to predict which alternative products should be presented to Fred, our machine learning feature will do this for you. Remarkety uses predictive analytics to decipher which products are relevant to show Fred based on actual trends that have occurred on your website together with the data we have gathered from Fred’s actual on-site behavior. Told you it was clever!

Predictive analytics takes product recommendations to the next level

If you are going to target a customer, then you need to target them correctly. Predictive analytics is the ultimate personalization weapon; no matter what product recommendation type you choose, Remarkety will calculate and generate the right products for your customer based on your website data.  

Remarkety generates personalized product recommendations in a number of ways so you can decide how to target your customer. They include:

  • Customers that have purchased X also purchased Y – This will display other products that have been purchased by customers who have also purchased product X but it will eliminate products that have been already purchased by this buyer.
  • Items usually purchased together: This will display other products that have been purchased by customers together with product X within the same order.
  • Stores best seller: Show the customer you most popular products.
  • Best sellers from customer’s favorite category: This will display top selling products from the same category as the product being viewed or recently purchased.
  • Latest products from the website: Maybe the customer wants to know what is new

The Remarkety product recommendation feature is far superior than the general product recommendation feature other companies have. Remarkety delves deep into your data and automatically optimizes your campaigns for you. Remarkety will not recommend products that are out of stock or have been disabled, nor we will recommend products that the customer has already purchased. What’s more you have the ability to further customize your settings within your dashboard. You can exclude list of categories, set date limits and more. 

Read more about types of product recommendations in emails.


Welcome to the world of data-driven marketing. Time for you to let us turn your emails into smarter, personalized emails that matter.