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Make Product Recommendations Personal with Smarter Coupons

product recommendationsThe difference between creating a desirable coupon and creating an effective coupon is staggering. It’s the difference between manufacturing false sales and spurring real ones that equate to real dollars. And what many eCommerce operators don’t realize, is that a coupon without a supportive delivery system is a coupon that’s bound to have a negative impact.

The best way to create an effective coupon is to consider more than just the offer itself. Instead, consider the email you’re using to deliver that coupon. With the right context, your coupon could become more than just an offer—it could become a way to control consumer spending and expose customers to a new level of your brand.

We’re talking, of course, about pairing coupons with product recommendations! The concept isn’t new, but it’s one that many marketers fall short on when it comes to execution. Remarkety is here to provide some tips on how to best use personal product recommendations and coupons in tandem with one another.


Experiment with price points

Remarkety makes it easy to segment customers by their average order spend. By doing this, you can actually work to create an incentive for customers to spend higher than their average. Here’s how it works:

  • Delineate your customers by average order spend. For this example, let’s say $50.

  • Use Remarkety’s product recommendation code to create a personalized email for everyone in this segmented list.

  • Next, create a personalized email coupon, per email address for a value that’s slightly higher than the average order spend of this group. Again, for example, something like “15% off your $75 order.”

In this example, customers spending $75 would save $11.25 on their total purchase, which registers their total spend at $63.75—which is roughly 22% higher than their average spend of $50! The secret here isn’t the actual coupon, however—it’s providing the right product recommendations. The coupon is the incentive; a good recommendation is a catalyst for action.


Learn more about how unique coupons and smart product recommendations can help your business. Schedule your personalized walkthrough with an email marketing specialist today!


Give them what they’re missing

Using Remarkety’s purchase history analysis, it’s easy to figure out what past customers have bought from your eCommerce store. This information can have a profound impact on creating a smart, effective coupon. How? By filling in the gaps in a customer’s purchase trends. Take a look:

  • Create an abandoned cart email or a wishlist redemption email that’s customized to each customer on your mailing list.

  • Use Remarkety’s unique dynamic coupon generation tool to create a unique coupon for each recipient. Make sure the coupon offers either a valuable deal or has an expiration date.

Once again, the coupon is secondary—it’s the products you’re putting in front of someone that matter more. Showing someone items they’ve saved for later or abandoned in their cart is a direct appeal to their wallet, and giving them a coupon makes it easier for them to justify making a purchase.


Cause and effect with coupon and recommendation

Always remember this: a personalized product recommendation stimulates action. A coupon simply makes it easier for your customer to follow through with that action. Don’t just blindly send coupons and expect customers to act on a great deal. Instead, pair them with personalized product recommendations to ensure a truly valuable sale for both your business and your customer.

Learn more about how unique coupons and smart product recommendations can help your business. Schedule your personalized walkthrough with an email marketing specialist today!