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How to increase your ROI with personalized social media integration

By October 22, 2020September 8th, 2021eCommerce Trends, Email Marketing

The most successful eCommerce businesses use a multi-channel approach to driving sales. They integrate direct messaging through email and SMS with strategic social media ads. Using Remarkety makes it easy.

Remarkety users know that they have a powerful platform for direct messaging through both email and SMS. But not everyone realizes that it can also be used to inform their campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to effectively target more customers and optimize social media ads budget.

Why you want to bring ‘em back

Why bother trying to win customers back when you can just win new customers to take their place? Real growth depends not just on expanding your number of customers, but also on keeping them around to maximize their LTV.

The ROI on retention exceeds that of winning over a customer for only a single purchase.

  • Acquiring new customers can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer.
  • The success rate of selling to a customer you’ve already had is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%.

While win-back emails can be a powerful tool in customer retention, sometimes they’re not enough to grab attention, particularly for unengaged customers who have not responded to emails. That’s why Remarkety allows you synchronize eCommerce data with your social media campaigns with seamless integration.

At Remarkety, we figure that we’re already collecting so much email engagement and customer data that we want to give you a way to get more value out of it. Carrying it over to your social campaigns gives you the most bang for your ad bucks.

How Remarkety’s social media marketing integration works

The emails you have sent through Remarkety can usually identify your customers on social media because most people use one email for everything. Using that unique customer identification, you can create customer segment lists and automatically turn them into custom audiences which you can easily target via Facebook/Instagram campaigns.

Its intelligent segmentation can be based on any key characteristic you choose, and even a combination of them. This integration capability is included in Remarkety’s service. It doesn’t cost you more to use it for strategic social campaigns beyond what you’re already paying Facebook for your ad.

This feature will not only save you time and money but will enhance your Facebook ads with real-time eCommerce data and build better Facebook Custom Audiences.

Here are some of the ways you can use this feature:

  1. Unsubscribed customers- You may think that unsubscribed customers are lost forever. But that’s not the case when you can use the email information to target these unsubscribed shoppers with ads on Facebook or Instagram. On the other hand, you can also “exclude” this segment from your ads if you think they are lost.
  2. People who have subscribed but have not made a purchase- This will help you improve conversion of first-timers. Set your own parameter for how long you allow for that, whether it’s a month or a year, to set up the list of people to be targeted on social media.
  3. Unresponsive customers- Some customers are less engaged with your emails. It doesn’t mean they are bad clients. You should try and communicate with them via different media. You can create a segment of customers who have bought in the past but not responded to your emails in X months to see if a Facebook/Instagram ad may get their attention.
  4. VIP rewards- Use Remarkety data to make up a list of your most valuable customers to send them special offers through your social channels.
  5. Heads up on what’s coming or what came- It can even be used to segment people who are going to, or have already received a specific email/SMS offer or newsletter. That way you can have them look out for it so that they don’t miss out on your offering, particularly important during the busy holiday shopping season. We like to call it the one-two punch.
  6. Retargeting those who clicked but didn’t buy- You can segment customers who clicked on a certain email but didn’t make the purchase. For example, if they did open the email about your Black Friday sale but didn’t buy anything, you can serve them a Black Friday special ad on social media. It’s a great way to recoup holiday sales when customers have shown interest but need an extra reminder to buy.
  7. Exclude recent buyers from FB ads- Let’s say you’re running a beauty store, and you know that customers usually purchase once every 3 months on average. You can then create a segment of all the clients who have purchased in the last 2 months and “exclude” them from your ads on FB and Instagram. There’s no point in wasting your social marketing budget on someone who has recently purchased from you if there is little chance they will buy again soon.

Remarkety makes it easy to identify whichever segment you wish to target with tailored messaging on Facebook or Instagram. That helps you improve your customer retention and your bottom line.