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New Trend: Use Chatbots as Shopping Assistants

By August 28, 2017September 4th, 2017eCommerce Trends

Chatbots are hitting the eCommerce Marketing Industry by storm. These little piece of technology is being utilized to enhance the shopping experience. They are able to engage individual consumers into a powerful, personalized conversation. Want to know more about this crazy new trend?

mmuze chatbot trend

Chatbots are still new yet gaining popularity every day. According to Usibend, 75% of the UK customers have not yet spoken to a Chatbot. That means that AI has much more ground to cover.

The main advantage of Chatbots is that they solve customer challenges. Just like any technology right? Chatbots also use AI or artificial intelligence, which allows them to automate a lot of things. Particularly, AI can scan the web, learn user’s preferences, and display the most relevant information at any given time.

What can Chatbots do?

That’s what makes Chatbots so powerful for e-commerce, they can act as a personal shopping assistant to your customers. But consumers want specific products, and need very targeted product recommendations.

MMUZE is a company that does just that. They build Chatbots for businesses that can dive deep into verticals. They use AI to scan for products online and to learn customer preferences. The Chatbot does everything for you. It chats with your customers, looks up your catalogue and understands the customer’s needs. Mmuze Chatbots ultimately provide a powerful, personalized engagement channel for your eCommerce brand.

For example, I was seeking to purchase a new watch. Their Amazon bot allowed me to zero in on a specific type of watch that I wanted. It uses dynamic data to extract personalized recommendations.

Mmuze ChatbotsCompanies like MMUZE are innovating the market by offering other firms the ability to easily create their own Chatbots. The Chatbots that they build scan the entire product-offering of the site and then offer the customer a unique and innovative shopping experience.

If you think that this appears far-fetched, a study by Ubisend found that chatbots bring results. 26-36 year olds are willing to spend 481.15 pounds online via a chatbot. 37-47 year olds were willing to spend 353.41 pounds at a close second.

Consumers are eager to try Chatbots, to shop on the go, and to be entertained.

How do customers access your chatbot?

There are a couple of great ways to get your customers to start chatting with your bot. The first way is to put a button on your site that acts as a sign up form. As soon as the customer clicks the button they get sent a message on Messenger from your chatbot.

Mmuze Chatbots

The ultimate consumer engagement strategy

If you combine Chatbots with your email marketing you will be sure to have the ultimate consumer engagement strategy. Chatbots requests user email address immediately after the first interaction and therefore acts as a great email capture tool. Now you’ve captured the email address and are interacting with them on Messenger. That’s a double whammy.

Another great way to combine to two engagement tools is to put the ‘chat now’ button directly in your email. Now the customer doesn’t have to click on the link of your email and go to your site. Instead, they simply click on the Messenger button and they get a message on chat. Boom, result!

Another reason chat within email is critical is because if consumers want to chat later they can always come back to it. If they forget you can send them weekly or monthly chat messages to remind them. The best part is that all of this is done automatically. You can mass message everyone from your chatbot the same way that you do an email campaign.

Josh Fechter, the handsome guy in the picture next to Mark Zuckerberg, is seeing tremendous results from his chatbot. He has said that his conversion is over 40%. In the email marketing world that’s 40% click rate! Wow!

If you are wondering how to combine the power of Remarkety and MMUZE, click here for more info.