Remarkety is hiring a frontend engineer

We’re Hiring – Frontend Engineering Lead (Israel)

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Remarkety, a growing startup in Israel and the US, is looking for a Frontend Engineering Lead to spearhead our new Angular client development. If you are an independent, talented fast-learning full-stack (frontend-focused) developer looking to expand your skills and make a real impact in a growing company, your place is with us !

We are a fully-remote, work from home company. You can live anywhere in Israel, there is no commute required.

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Trick Or Treat? Halloween 2020 eCommerce Trends

By | eCommerce Trends, Email Marketing

While certain Halloween events and parties will have to be canceled due to the new normal for coronavirus, some see a reason to anticipate the highest sales ever. Awareness of what people will be doing to celebrate can increase sales for eCommerce. “2020 could stack up to be the biggest Halloween year in recent history, despite concerns with social distancing,” declares an Insight to Action report.  Now is the time for eCommerce shops to capitalize on this year’s Halloween trends.

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