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Personalized Product Recommendations are the Key to Better Brand Loyalty

product recommendationsBrand loyalty is hard to earn and easy to lose. It takes careful attention to marketing and emphasis on individual customers—far more than just mass appeal. In fact, there’s no better way to earn and keep your customers’ brand loyalty than with personalized product recommendations. They’re so important in fact, that Remarkety has built-in tools to make sure you’re making the right recommendation for each and every customer.


The damage a bad recommendation can do

Before we talk about how beneficial a good product recommendation is, let’s first consider the downfalls of a bad one. Take a look at some of the simplest, yet most damaging mistakes of touting a poor product recommendation to your eCommerce customers:

  • A product with too high of a price point can invalidate a customer’s spending and can feel like a cash grab.

  • A product with no personal relevance can be too impersonal, making a customer feel unappreciated and marginalized.

  • A recommended product they already own is a missed marketing opportunity and makes customers feel like you’re not paying attention.

Even beyond these downfalls, it’s easy to sour your customers with a product recommendation that’s unfavorable or inapplicable. Instead, it pays to personalize each recommendation.


Improving loyalty, one recommendation at a time

The easiest way to achieve brand loyalty is to provide products that are appreciated and valued by your customers. And, if they’ve bought once, they’re bound to buy again if their first experience was a good one. It’s up to your recommendations to continue this positive trend.

Being able to bring customers suggestions based on their past purchases means connecting the dots about their likes, dislikes, tastes, preferences, income, attributes and more. Think of it like making a new friend: the more you have in common, the better your relationship will be!

By paying attention to your customers on an individual level, you’ll be able to make recommendations that are positive, reflecting well on your products and your brand, further strengthening that informal friendship.


Remarkety’s approach to the perfect recommendation

Remarkety comes with a number of tools designed to make every recommendation you give a winner. Our app syncs customer purchase history to provide in-depth analysis of buying and spending habits. This means understanding each individual customer better.

Remarkety knows if your shopper is a man or a woman, what their average order spend is, what types of products they’ve purchased from you, how often they order and more. This information is then funneled down into a series of possible future purchase options, which are defined by these parameters. As an example, a man with an average order spend of $50 is going to see applicable products based on these data markers—not women’s products in the $100+ price range!

Going a step further, Remarkety also analyses the trends and habits of customers. If John Doe has ordered performance biking shoes and water bottles, for example, it can infer that this customer likes to bike and stay active. The results are going to be product recommendations with this concept in mind, backed by average order data, brand preferences, and demographic information.

Oh, and did we mention that this all happens in seconds, with a simple drag and drop? That’s right! Remarkety’s email design features include variable data code for optimizing product recommendations for every single email recipient. So, not only does your segmented list get a targeted email, each customer gets the perfect product recommendations on top of it. There’s no better way to give the people what they want, to create lasting brand loyalty!


If you’re having trouble with product recommendations, give Remarkety a FREE try today and experience the simplicity of its powerful personalized recommendation tools. You’ll quickly see just how easy it is to speak specifically to all your different groups of customers through tailored product recommendations.