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Purchase History is the Key to Good Product Recommendations

product recommendationsFor online shoppers, there’s almost nothing more frustrating than getting emails for things that don’t apply to you. A sale email for a product you’ve already bought or a product recommendation email for items you’d never buy is instantly headed for the trash. If it happens frequently enough, an unsubscribe is soon to follow. This is a quick way to alienate your customer base.

To ensure you’re sending the right emails and good product recommendations, it pays to look at customer purchase histories. A quick glance at the shopping habits of a particular customer can yield tremendous insight into what they do and don’t like or what they may or may not already have purchased from your site. This data can very easily be put to work in creating effective email marketing messages.Ways to Segment Emails


Remarkety’s analysis

Now, if your customer list and email pool are hundreds or thousands of people deep, going through each individual’s purchase history simply isn’t feasible. It’s a process that requires automation—something Remarkety offers to eCommerce marketers no matter how many emails they’re sending.

Remarkety’s robust framework makes pulling and analyzing customer histories simple, offering viable product recommendations in an instant.

Here’s how it works:

  • Variable code is inserted into an email, as a placeholder for a product recommendation.

  • When emails are disseminated, Remarkety pairs the email recipient with their purchase history.

  • Purchase history is analyzed to eliminate products that are already owned or largely inapplicable. In addition, variables like average order spend, demographic data and more are taken into account and paired with products that may generate interest.

  • By the time your email hits the inbox of a recipient and is opened, it’ll display tailored recommendations that are personalized to that recipient.

This succinct way of personalizing product recommendations makes it possible to virtually eliminate inapplicable emails. Through smart deep segmentation, product suggestions go from being solicitations to earnest personalized recommendations!


Purchase history defines future purchases

More often than not, purchase histories are the gateway to understanding consumer trends. And, once interpreted, you can predict future purchases to some degree. More than that, however, you can influence purchasing decisions with knowledge of what customers may or may not be interested in.

If you have a group of customers that consistently buy product X, from brand Y, you can make assumptions about their affinity for this brand and their satisfaction of this product. This can lead to an interest in product Z—something they may not have invested in yet, or even know exists. With an email that includes product Z as a suggestion, you could influence the next purchase of these customers to a largely successful degree. Time it right, add something like an incentivized personal coupon and you’ve gained the ability to dictate sales on demand without inconveniencing your customer base or disrupting your sustainable sales funnel.product recommendations


Stay true to your customers

Sure, it might be easier to blast out an email for a hot-selling product or toss out a general recommendation for your customers, but is it really benefitting anyone? You might nab a couple of conversions at the end of the day, but you’re more likely to dissuade the majority of your shoppers from making a purchase.

Instead, take the time to consider customer histories before sending out product suggestions. Remarkety makes it simple and can automate your recommendation process, giving you the opportunity to stay in the good graces of email recipients, while also validating their spending!

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