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Remarkety VS Klaviyo – Differences and similarities

By January 13, 2014February 23rd, 2016Email Marketing

Updated February 2016

Klaviyo is well known by our customers and we are often asked what are the differences between Remarkety and Klaviyo. Let’s start from the top. Klaviyo and Remarkety are both eCommerce email marketing platforms. The products and features of each are meant to help eCommerce business increase sales from existing customers and subscribers.

Remarkety VS Klaviyo Image ComparisonThe biggest differentiator between the two is price. Klaviyo is significantly more expensive than Remarkety. And those price differences only grow as the number of contacts grow as well. 

Although price is the biggest differentiators, there are a number of other key capabilities to consider as well.

Features and product capabilities:
– Free Trial
– Bulk & Targeted Newsletters
– Automated and Trigger Emails
– Customizable Product Recommendations
– Additional Software Integration
– Customer Tracking
– Analytics & Reporting

Free Trial


Remarkety offers a free 30-day trial for all eCommerce shops. During the trial, stores have unlimited access to premium features only available on paid plans. Klaviyo does not currently offer a free trial.

Bulk & Targeted Newsletters


Both email marketing platforms can send out targeted newsletters. The differentiation is how these newsletters are segmented. Remarkety is integrated with an eCommerce store, allowing for emails to be segmented by customer purchase date.

Automated and Trigger Emails

Klaviyo and Remarkety have a number of pre-built and custom automated trigger based emails such as order follow-ups, abandoned cart notifications and win-back customer campaigns.

Customizable Product Recommendations

Remarkety is able to up sell and cross sell to customers by suggesting products customers might like based on what other customers bought. Available types of product recommendations include best sellers, best sellers from a category and latest arrivals. Klaviyo recently launched product recommendation, but are only based on best-selling products.

Additional Software Integration

Both Klaviyo and Remarkety integrate with a number of eCommerce platforms, email newsletter services and Zapier.


Customer Tracking

Klaviyo provides basic customer website tracking statistics to track a customer historical activity on your website. Customers must be logged-in to enable this capability.

Analytics & Reporting

Both Klaviyo and Remarkety offer robust data analytics. Stores using either platform will be able to see how much money they’re making on each email marketing campaign. This is superior to more traditional email marketing statistics that only track open and click-through rates like MailChimp.

As you can see, Klaviyo and Remarkety offer similar capabilities for small and medium size businesses with a couple of key differentiators such as a free trial only offered by Remarkety and customer website tracking integrations only offered by Klaviyo. Overall, when comparing the two, Remarkety is a lower cost alternative to effectively implement targeted email marketing for your business.

If there are specific capabilities which are important to your business, please drop us a line. It may already be in the pipeline or can be an improvement we add to our product roadmap.

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