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Segmented Product Recommendations Connect Demand with Opportunity

recommendationsThere’s infinite opportunity available to eCommerce marketers who segment their customer email lists. Not only does breaking customers up into groups make it easier to manage different shopper subsets and demographics, it also creates opportunities for marketing via product recommendations. Recommending products to segmented lists is a smart way to realize untapped customer potential.

Taking the guesswork out of recommendations

Let’s say you have a segment of customers who have all purchased Adidas shoes within the last 30 days. Based on the defined requirements of this list, you can provide these customers with recommendations that are not only applicable—they’re appealing! Some examples may include:

  • Recommendations for Adidas-brand socks.

  • Recommendations for different colored shoelaces.

  • Suggestions for inserts or insoles.

  • Shoe care item recommendations.

  • Or even other Adidas shoes that the customer browsed and viewed during her shopping session(s)

All of these suggestions can be traced back to the idea that a customer has recently purchased shoes from you. Through the defining parameters of this list segment, you’re able to make product suggestions and recommendations that are rooted in data, not guesswork.


Recognizing demand

For some eCommerce stores that sell finite products, there’s an especially valuable opportunity in offering segmented recommendations. Products that “run out” create recurring customers—they’ll need to restock or re-purchase items eventually. There’s built-in demand here, which can be capitalized on with product recommendations:

  • You can recommend products to email recipients just before they run out, to keep customers on track in replenishing these items.

  • You can recommend larger quantities of a product, touting volume savings and longer-lasting timelines.

  • You can recommend complementary products with the same or similar lifecycle, to create a higher per-dollar reorder.

Products that have a finite lifespan are already primed for generating business. Capitalizing on this demand via tailored product recommendations is a great way to fuel consistency and loyalty from customers that already have a reason to keep shopping with you.


Segmenting for the sake of recommendation

Even though Remarkety offers customized product recommendations based on recipients, there’s still value in segmenting your email lists solely for the sake of recommending products. Being able to craft an email around a certain product, brand or features makes for a more powerful appeal to your customers

Instead of sending out a general mass appeal to all of your customers, for example, split out a segment that you can speak to in a more specific sense. If they’re purchased X, recommend Y and Z products similar to their preference. If they’re a brand-new customer, recommend products that are bestsellers compared to their initial purchase. If they’re loyal to a specific brand, recommend best-selling products by that company.

All of these appeals take your recommendation one step further than the generic, which can lead to more reasons to buy.


Don’t skimp on segmentation

Segmenting customers for your email marketing should be a part of your everyday eCommerce operations—using segments for tailored product recommendations is a great way to explore the power of targeted marketing.


If you’re having trouble segmenting, give Remarkety a FREE try today and experience the simplicity of its powerful segmentation tools. You’ll quickly see just how easy it is to speak specifically to all your different groups of customers through tailored product recommendations.