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Smarter Automated Email Marketing Foundations for your Fashion Shop

By December 12, 2016December 18th, 2016Email Marketing, How To Guides

Apparel and fashion eCommerce is prolific, to say the least. In 2015 alone, apparel, footwear and fashion accessories accounted for roughly ~$59B in eCommerce revenue! It’s safe to say that people prefer the convenience of shopping for apparel online.

fashion store email

As fashion continues to be at the forefront of eCommerce growth, it’s important to take a close look at your email marketing strategy, to make sure you’re adapting to the growing demand of customers. And, when it comes to automating your efforts, there’s no better option than Remarkety email marketing automation for fashion.

Sell, sell, sell!

First things first: what kind of email marketing are you doing in regards to sales? Walking the fine line for sales, promos and specials means coordinating and controlling these emails. More than this, automating email newsletter releases allows you to focus on managing the influx of customers they’re sure to draw.

In addition to moderating the number of newsletter emails you’re sending, consider the content and timing. Sending out variations of the same deal within a few weeks of each other is likely going to have less of an impact as opposed to sending two very different sales to two different groups of customers during the same duration. Here, email segmentation through Remarkety is paramount—being able to tap into lists of customers with automated parameters means getting good deals into the hands of those who will appreciate them.

Finally—and very unique to the fashion industry—are flash sale emails! Automatically generating dynamic coupon codes and sending them to applicable customer lists or specific types of customers means increasing the responsiveness of your audience for a last-minute, good-until-gone deal.

Keep up with newsletters

For newsletter content, focus more on customer engagement than sales. Fashion is all about staying on trend and ahead of the “curve”—if your emails portray this and offer resources and advice that’s relevant to savvy shoppers, they’ll find value in your newsletters. And, while you’re doing this, make sure Remarkety is tracking interactions with your newsletters, so you can leverage what works into future campaigns. Automatic data generation is key here, so you can see your results, instead of having to spend time dumping data, sorting it, validating it and generating reports.

Abandoned cart re-capture

Depending on what type of apparel you’re retailing, you could be operating on slim margins. When every conversion counts, having abandoned cart emails triggered can tie up loose ends and bring in a few extra dollars of revenue that might otherwise have been lost. It takes very little time to set these up and, if formatted and personalized to every customer, they can have a profound ability to recapture sales long after they’re left behind. Here again, Remarkety’s automated triggers are key in getting personalized messages out to owners of abandoned carts in a timely and effective manner.

Just for you

Finally, it’s important to reward loyal customers—especially when it comes to fashion. Your loyal customers are your brand ambassadors, and keeping them happy means posturing your eCommerce for referral sales.

Remarkety can help you define who your best customers are via parameters like total dollars spent, total orders, average order amount, length of time as a customer, and more. Automatically kick someone a coupon code for their 10th order, when they reach a dollar milestone, for their anniversary as a customer or any other special occasion, just to let them know you appreciate them.

Email marketing is easy when it’s automated, and Remarkety gives you the tools to automate successfully. Whether it’s a single specialized email or a blast out to the masses, being able to automate gives you the ability to focus on what matters: keeping up with the response from your email campaign.

Let Remarkety help your fashion store with its email marketing strategy: Request your free demo today Or simply try us out absolutely free!