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Spice Up your eCommerce Automated Email Messages

By February 28, 2017Email Marketing

ecommerce email messagesLet’s talk about livening up your eCommerce emails. If all you know about your customers is their name then let’s be honest, your email will be nothing more than a boring sales pitch. Collecting static information about your consumers, such as their name, address and email address really doesn’t give you (all) the information required to send a kick-butt email.


There are 3.2 billion email accounts existing today. Your potential customer is just one of them. If you want to capture their attention, then you need to start focusing on your email campaigns and liven them up. Most eCommerce companies will initially gather basic information from a web site through a dedicated form that is set to capture potential leads, that’s a great start, but you need to dig deeper.

email segments demo


If you want to bring some power to your emails, then these are the tactics you should include:

1: Collect personal data:  Your first email should be a welcome email, thanking them for opting-in. At this point, you will only know the basic details about your recipient. Try to gather more information through adding some of your top selling items and also including a one-time use coupon code.  Including the top selling items will allow you to learn more about “tastes and preferences” of the potential customer and will help you build more of a customer persona (segments) once they convert into a paying customer.


2: Subject line:  Tailor your subject line to each segmented list, this will boost your open rates.  Or if you really want to get fancy, why not personalize the entire subject line for the individual customer?


3: Opening lines win:  Impressions matter! Focus your energy on getting the first paragraph and the lead-in to your email right if you want your recipient to read your entire message. These first few lines are those that are seen immediately by your recipients and need to grab their attention.  Take a few moments to invest in a great opening message. And why not share it around the office before you send out it for some extra testing


4: Include browse data:  The content of your email should be relevant to the reader’s interests. You may think that you have no indication of what interests them, but you are wrong. Remarkety has the ability to track the user’s browsing history on your eCommerce site. This will enable you to deliver content that is relevant and personalized to them


5: Add relevant calls-to-action:  Every email needs to have a purpose. Many email marketers think that an email should merely have content about the company/product and will add in a discount coupon and expect to see the sales coming in. There are many calls-to-action opportunities that are missed that will only add value to an email including; brand messaging, personalized content, a call to download a product guide for a product that was recently purchased, store news, give feedback, recommend a friend, link to a video and more


6: Do not pitch a sale:  If you want to build your eCommerce business then you should focus on building relationships with your customers rather than purely focusing on net sales. If your customer believes that your every email is pitching a sale they may become reluctant to open it. Make sure your emails add value to the customer. If your customer just purchased new born baby items, then maybe your next email shouldn’t be focusing on purchasing a new diaper bag, but will be focusing on baby-related activities in the specified geographical location. Think outside the box. Earn their trust!


Try incorporating these tactics today and see how much power you can add to your automated email campaigns!  Make sure to schedule your 1-1 demo with an email marketing expert who can help you get your campaigns running today!