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Killer 2017 Email Marketing Stats

By Email Marketing

Wow, 2017 is almost over! We have just a few more months and then it’s 2018! This year was super exciting, we had a bunch of new trends and technologies hit the market like chatbots, Linkedin native videos, VR, iPhone X, and so many more.

But don’t get overwhelmed just yet, there is one thing that is consistently helpful and essential for your business success. There is one species that can never go extinct and that is – email! Our killer 2017 email marketing stats prove that email is far from DEAD!

For all of you skeptics out there, email marketing is still the modus operandi, the way things are done. And it’s not because we all got used to it, and we just don’t want to learn the new stuff that’s out there. Email is still the best long-term strategy for your business. Let me show you why.

2017 Email Marketing Stats

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