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How to Recover Browse Abandonment with Emails

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You’re probably already recovering abandoned carts and now with Remarkety, you can recover abandoned browsers (browse abandonment). That means, you can turn 95% of your window shoppers into buyers and increase revenue through highly targeted email messages.

Browse Abandonment Emails for Ecommerce

This is a critical component of any eCommerce website. Browse abandonment campaigns help to drive more sales and communicate with shoppers when they start their top funnel customer journey. Read More

Convert More Shoppers into Customers with Browse Abandonment Emails

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

The concept of window shopping is certainly alive and kicking when it comes to eCommerce. People around the globe regularly browse the net for products yet frequently fail to make the purchase. You may be wondering why this happens, after all if these people are browsing then surely, they are interested in purchasing, right? Well, quite honestly, we do not know their intent but you should never assume that they aren’t interested. This is where a structured browse abandonment campaign comes into play.

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Browse Abandonment Best Practices

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A few months ago we have added the possibility to create Browse Abandonment campaigns and we are already seeing some exciting results.

browse abandonment emails

Over 30% of our customers have used this feature and a large percentage were able to convert browsers into shoppers. We made it super easy to send browse abandonment emails shortly after a customer leaves the website. Based on the aggregated data from clients, we have put together some tips and best practices for creating effective browse abandonment email campaigns. Read More