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How to Create a Kickass Loyalty Program – Part 3

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

Thank you all for your feedback. I really appreciate it and am grateful to hear that you are all eagerly awaiting the final part of our ‘Create a Kickass Loyalty Program’ series.

As we have discussed in part 1 and part 2, loyalty programs are a vital part of eCommerce success. They not only encourage customers to return to your store, thus reducing your churn; they also form an important part of your growth strategy.

In the final part of our series, we are going to show you with emails you need to have as part of your loyalty program, and will show you some awesome examples of loyalty program emails that work.

Loyalty Program and ecommerce emails

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How to Create a Kickass Loyalty Program – Part 2

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Welcome to the next part of our guide to creating a kickass loyalty program. In the first part we discussed in detail the need for a loyalty program. These programs are designed to offer discounts or rewards to boost repeat business and build brand loyalty.

In today’s installment, we are going to discuss the viral components of a loyalty program. Time for you to get something back. Give more to your customers whilst building your customer base. Simple.

Loyalty Program

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How to Create a Kickass Loyalty Program – Part 1

By How To Guides

We all like to feel special, to feel like we are in on something that is private and exclusive to us only. This emotion follows us with every aspect of our lives. The best e-commerce sites are in on this. They know this human tendency for special attention is strong and are using it to their own advantage. How? In the form of a loyalty program.

Remarkety has created a three-part series that will teach you how to create a kickass loyalty program that focuses upon personal engagement. Are you ready to learn more? Then read on….

Loyalty Program

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