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Ten Ways to Increase and Optimize Your Email Click Rates

Clicks are a phenomenal benchmark when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your email. Sure, it’s easy to look at opens as a data point for how many people see your message, however, clicks are a true indicator of just how effective that message was in getting people to act. You could say that email click rates data is a direct representation of your call to action.TEN WAYS TO OPTIMIZE YOUR EMAIL CLICK RATES

So the question is, “how do you maximize the potential for clicks?” There’s no silver bullet answer for email click rates, but there are many things that you can easily do to help raise the potential for clicks. Here are 10 of them:

  1. Tease your deal: Don’t come right out and say what your great deal is—instead, have people click to see what’s on the table. This is a great way to pique curiosity and get your email click rates up. Plus, they’ll be on your website and only one click away from a purchase!
  2. Write better CTAs: There’s nothing inspiring about “click here” or “read more” when it comes to a call to action. To encourage clicks and to optimize your email click rates, give people a real reason to actually click! The more enticing the CTA, the more clicks you’re likely to receive.
  3. Offer multiple actions: Make your pictures clickable links. Embed links in your copy. Have CTA buttons. Add social profile icons. It’s critical to have numerous touchpoints within your email to give people plenty of chances to click.
  4. Make emails easy to scan: If customers open your email to a big block of text, don’t expect a click. If your format is easy to read, visually enticing and well-segmented, it’ll be easier to digest and act upon.
  5. Appeal properly:List segmentation is key here. Avoid sending emails to recipients who might not directly benefit from them. Make sure you’re leveraging customer shopping habits and other details to segment messages to an audience of best fit.
  6. Variable data: If your customer is receiving an email that speaks directly to them, they’re more likely to feel valued and to act upon your message. Variable data like names, product recommendations and last order info are all smart inclusions.
  7. Explain benefits: Benefits-driven copy in your emails is going to trump feature-based copy. People want to know what they’re getting in terms of value. Bolstering the value of your message means making it more appealing and click-worthy for readers.
  8. Leverage preview text: Preview text goes a long way in getting someone to open your email, but it also sets the tone for how they’ll interact with it. Make your preview text succinct, appealing and genuine to help your email garner a click.
  9. Be time-sensitive: Timing is critical in getting those clicks. If you send your message at the right time, it can make or break how it’s interacted with. Look at open data to determine when the most popular open times are for your emails across all lists.
  10. Send what matters: Make sure your email has a purpose! Sending an email without a clear goal can be confusing to your customers and lead to everything from ignores to unsubscribes. Make your message clear if you want clicks!

Apply these 10 tips to your next Remarkety email campaign and see how your CTR is impacted. Paying attention to small details could make or break your click rate, while giving you valuable insight about the behaviors and tendencies of your audience.

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