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Top 5 Strategies for Targeting Your Biggest Spenders

Targeting in your eCommerce store has many different types of customers that can be grouped together based on their shopping habits and traits. Depending on their characteristics, one group of shoppers might be better to target than another when it comes to the various marketing messages.Target Your Biggest Spenders

One of your most important customer groups to be targeting is the group that consistently spends above your store’s average checkout dollar amount. If your average cart checkout is $25, for example, customers spending $26 would qualify for this group. But that’s only one component—you also need to consider spend over time. How many lifetime dollars have they spent? What’s their annual spend? What’s their frequency of orders?

Deciphering who your “high rollers” and “big spenders” are is critical for a number of reasons. Firstly, these often represent loyal customers who have established themselves as brand ambassadors. Secondly, this group is generally a good bet for converting over general customers. And finally, they’re a group that can often be trusted to respond well to changes or experiments by your marketing team.

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Targeting the “high rollers”

Leveraging the stability and security that your high-spend customers bring with them means taking the right approach to targeting them. Let’s take a look at 5 simple strategies you can use to tap into your most prolific shopper group with Remarkety, to best utilize their habits as you grow your eCommerce business:

  1. Segment your big spenders: First and foremost, utilize Remarkety’s segmentation capabilities to cordon off your biggest spenders. This will enable you to send them specific emails that are only meant for top-level customers, such as exclusive invitations, special product previews and first-access emails. Segmenting is at the core of email marketing directly to high rollers.
  2. Offer early access: When you host sales, there are two schools of thought—either open the doors to a free-for-all, or let people in little by little. If you’re opting for the latter, make sure you’re giving your big spenders first crack at the good deals. You’ll keep this group happy while also virtually assuring dollars spent during your sale.
  3. Award higher status: Let your biggest spenders know they’re your most valued customers by giving them a distinction, such as Gold status or Platinum recognition. This doesn’t even have to entail monetary benefits—it could just mean elevated customer service, periodic freebies, access to new products, etc. If your top customers know they’re valued, they’ll strive to retain their standing by continuing to shop with you.
  4. Leverage better deals: If your average cart is $25, you might make a coupon for $5 off your $25 order as a way to generate some sales. If your average cart for the upper echelon of customers is $50, you might change that deal to reflect $10 off of $50. The deal is essentially the same, but you’re speaking to a higher price point. Rather than losing general customers who might not spend $50, you’ll be speaking to an audience who regularly spends this much.
  5. Reward loyalty: Showing customers you appreciate them comes in many forms. For your biggest spenders, reciprocating their generosity could mean kicking out a coupon for $X or X% off of their next purchase, as your way of saying thanks. If you measure their total spend over the year vs. the average total spend, then take a percentage of the difference, you can further specify how generous you want to be while measuring the effect on your revenue.

Rewarding your biggest and best customers is something every eCommerce merchant should do, to show appreciation and promote brand loyalty. With Remarkety, targeting this important group is easier and more effective than ever.

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