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Ultimate Guide to Holiday Email Marketing

By July 21, 2017How To Guides

Holidays are some of the busiest shopping times of the year. This is why you need to boost the power of your holiday marketing campaigns without delay. Once you do that, you will be able to generate even more leads and increase your company’s revenue in no time. This is the ultimate guide to holiday email marketing. Read on to learn more…

Ultimate Guide to Holiday Email Marketing

As a business you can connect with customers via a multitude of methods, but there’s no denying that email marketing still has the highest success rate for eCommerce businesses. Emails are perfect for mobile, and you can easily convert customers in no time with just a few steps if you have the right approach. Moreover, emails deliver instant buying options so that you can generate conversions on the spot. And if you opt for email segmentation, you can increase your chances to gain some really good results.

Write better subject lines

When you start preparing for holiday marketing, your primary focus has to be email personalization. Your customer expects you to bring in offers that are of interest to their specific needs. It’s vital that you study the market and identify the right way to address each customer.

One of the best ways you can do introduce personalization is via your subject lines. Include the first name of your customer in the subject line, and you will increase the open rate for emails by around 26% . Another important point to focus on is the use of power words. You need to integrate words that inspire action. Some of the best holiday marketing words you can use are the sales driven ones like free shipping, discount, promotion or deal. You should also add things like order now, open now, exclusive, etc. Words of gratitude and holiday related words will also help.


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Many companies opt to send informal emails that ooze personality so don’t hesitate to include emojis if you wish. While you may think that this is not a professional thing to do, it helps boost the open rate. In fact, some companies have seen a 45% increase in the open rates. Why does this happen? For starters, emojis are eye-catching, and they do encourage people to open up emails a lot faster than you would expect.

Try to ask a holiday-related question

The best holiday marketing tactic you can adopt is to ask a question with your emails. You want to make sure that you customize that question for the holiday season. Of course, you should ensure that you place a relevant and clear CTA at the end of the email, but try to create a story out of everything.

Stories are a really good email marketing strategy, and they help you better connect with the customer. This really manages to bring in front extensive solutions and the experience can be more than amazing in the end.

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Share a gift guide

The reason why people spend a lot during any holiday season is that they purchase gifts for others. That’s why your number one holiday marketing strategy is to create a holiday gift guide. The idea here is that you create email segmentation lists designed for specific guides for each type of client.



Sure, a generalized piece of content works, but you get more emails open if you design multiple guides for various client types. You can have a guide for teens, one for me or one for women. Or you can opt for different guides if you serve multiple geographic areas. Make it local, appealing and opt for email personalization at all times. At the end of the day, you will be very happy with the results.

Reward referrals

One of the primary objectives of holiday marketing is to generate referrals and get more emails. You can boost the amount of views you get and referrals you receive if you offer a gift for any person that shares your content with others. Include a referral gift in the email; this is bound to entice some people to bring on board some of their friends.

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Opt for sharing some last minute deals

One of the best email marketing ideas for the holidays is to send some last minute gift deals. You can create a limited stock sale at a special price campaign. Everyone likes a deal and this is more likely to convince people to jump in. Conversion results can be extremely good from this campaign type.

Holiday deal email marketing

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Create a Call to Action for holiday marketing

The right Call to Action can easily bring in millions for your business. But creating it can be a very demanding and downright challenging thing to do. We do have some tips for you.

First, include buttons under your Call to Action. You will want people to click that button, which leads them to the site where they can make a sale.

Secondly, the Call to Action should not be too long. People don’t need a lot of convincing, as long as the words you use are meaningful and powerful. The text has to be short and good.

Holiday call to action button

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You should always lead the customer to a purchase page or dedicated landing page. When a customer clicks your purchase/subscribe button, that is a huge sign that he/she is ready to convert. That’s why you have to take advantage of that.

Use these holiday marketing ideas and you will be able to boost your sales in no time. Remember, email personalization and email segmentation are crucial. Create different emails for each type of customer you have and show them that you do care! While it can be a bit time consuming, a proper email marketing campaign for the holidays can bring in front amazing results, so try to remember that!