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10 Ways to Improve Email Marketing for your Fashion Shop

By December 13, 2016July 26th, 2018Email Marketing, How To Guides

There’s no overstating the importance of an effective email marketing presence for your fashion eCommerce store. But, just because you’re sending regular emails to your faithful customers doesn’t mean they’re always hitting the mark.ten ways to imporve your fashion ecommerce shop Let’s take a look at 10 important considerations to make and how these tips can help boost opens, clicks, engagement and conversions:

1. Segment your lists:

This is the de-facto number one best thing you can do to improve your email marketing campaigns. Fashionistas are a diverse bunch: make sure you’re appealing to them based on their preferences. Even something as simple as not sending emails about women’s clothing to a male shopper means improving your opens and clicks!

2. Trigger abandoned cart emails:

Worried about all of the merchandise left in carts? Want a great way to recoup potential sales that were lost? Set up abandoned cart emails and re-target warm leads! Emails with visual inspiration or a coupon code can be a great way to tip the scales towards a conversion.

3. Plan your campaigns:

By taking the time to plan your email marketing for the month, you’ll assure that you’re not over-sending or mismatching your efforts. The best effort you can make is in planning, so take the time to draw up a few months at a time, create collateral and set up your automated triggers or schedules.

4. Write better subject lines:

If your subject lines aren’t generating opens, your messages are failing right out of the gate. Make sure you’re enticing opens with a short, appealing, to-the-point subject line that encourages opens.

5. Be more visual:

A big block of text isn’t inspiring; pictures of new products and great merchandise is. Giving your recipients a visual treat will move them to click and see your products up close! Going even further, having templates and designs will help brand your ecommerce and impress your shoppers.

6. Make it easier to shop:

Links are paramount in any email you send! If your beautiful images are also links directly to your products, a simple click takes customers straight to what they want to see. This same principle applies for contest signups, social media profiles, landing pages and more.

7. Diversify your messaging:

Don’t just pump out the same email every few days or weeks—if you do, it becomes predictable and easy to ignore. Spice up your messaging and appeal to customers in new and exciting ways! Explore sale emails, members-only special emails, flash sale emails, clearance sale emails and more, for example.

8. Offer smart recommendations:

Trying to encourage sales on new products? Use customer shopping histories to target applicable customers for your newest recommendations. Smart recommendations let customers know you care about their personal preferences, and that you’re not just pushing the newest product.

9. Send at the right time:

Not too many people are going to be shopping on your fashion site at 2pm on a Tuesday, and sending an email at this time could mean it falls on deaf ears (or even a spam filter!). Instead, pay attention to when the majority of your email opens occur and start to plan your disseminations when it’s most convenient for your customers. You’re likely to see a lot better results sending that same email at 10am on a Saturday, for example!

10. A/B test your content:

It never hurts to see what works and what doesn’t. A/B testing will tell you exactly that, splitting your recipients into real-time testing groups. Testing subject lines, messaging, calls to action and more means finding the best way to appeal, then using that tactic in future emails for a higher rate of effectiveness.

Put these 10 tips into action today with the help of Remarkety and watch as your email campaigns become a well-oiled machine! Not only will you see better numbers from your emails, you’ll see better numbers on your bottom line!

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