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3 Email Marketing Campaigns that Work

By February 1, 2017August 8th, 2018Email Marketing, How To Guides

email marketingEmail marketing is an ongoing task.  It’s not uncommon to find a person in the marketing department who wears several different hats or crowns and one of them being “king or queen of all things email marketing.” Everybody needs a little help here and there, so, in order to help you focus on your tasks and streamline a few campaigns here are here are 3 easy-to-use and launch (classic) campaigns that are guaranteed to make a positive affect on your conversion rates.

Let’s take a look at the 3 email campaigns and why they’re effective and how Remarkety can actually make them better, even for the novice marketer!

The urgent call to action “CTA

Urgency drives action. This is why many email marketers rely on urgency as a tool for their sales emails—because recipients have more incentive to act! Having single-day deals, “expiring soon” notifications or limited time offers all encourage people to act now, rather than put off spending. Let’s break it down:

  • The email: “One Day Only: 30% off All Men’s Running Shoes”

  • Why it works: It sets a clear time frame, it explains the incentive and helps readers understand exactly what the parameters are to obtain benefit.

  • How Remarkety makes it better: Using Remarkety’s segmentation possibilities, you can send this email specifically to customers who are more inclined to make a purchase based on their shopping habits (or lack thereof!). You can also generate unique coupon codes through Magento to track individual customer redemption, using email as a starting point.

The abandoned cart CTA

Abandoned cart emails are among the most powerful marketing tools in terms of conversion rate, yet sadly, they’re often the most underutilized by eCommerce marketers. This is a sale that’s not dead, yet won’t be redeemed without a little work. Make it a point to chalk these sales up in the conversion column!

  • The email: “Jenny, Don’t Forget to Check Out!”

  • Why it works: The products are all in place and the intent is there—your customer just hasn’t pulled the trigger yet. A simple reminder can be enough to push them over the edge.

  • How Remarkety makes it better: With customer tags you can personalize every abandoned cart email to greet the person receiving it, complete with all of their items on full display right in the email. Want to give them even more incentive? Remarkety can generate a coupon code X number of days after a cart was abandoned, to help showcase even more value.

The reward email

A reliable customer is invaluable, especially when they become a brand advocate. Keeping your most prolific shoppers happy means acknowledging their habits and rewarding them for their patronage. A small investment goes a long way – reward them!

  • The email: “Here’s 24% Off Your Next Order, On Us.”

  • Why it works: A personalized deal shows customers you appreciate their loyalty. It encourages them to shop now and in the future, while also raising their opinion of your brand.

  • How Remarkety makes it better: Segment customers by average order spend, total orders placed, frequency of order or just about any other benchmark to quickly identify your MVPs. Then, use customer data tags to thank them personally, with statistics for them to see and a customized coupon for them to use.

There might not be a silver bullet for email marketing, but Remarkety is helping to ensure your messaging hits home with the right tools to close the deal. Test out any of these messages and leverage the power of Remarkety’s platform to help raise opens, reads and conversions!

The great news is Remarkety is here to help you with your email marketing set-up, management and automation to ensure great delivery, open rates and conversion rates! Go ahead and schedule a 1-1 demo with an email marketing specialist today!