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Remarkety VS MailChimp – Differences and similarities

By December 9, 2017July 21st, 2018Email Marketing

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms and we are often asked, what’s the difference between Remarkety and MailChimp. Although MC and Remarkety are both marketing services, their capabilities are very different.

Remarkety Mailchimp ComparisonRemarkety is designed from ground up exclusively for eCommerce, while MC is a more generic email marketing platform. As a rule of thumb, if you run an eCommerce business, go with Remarkety, if you just need to send newsletters and some welcome emails, go with MailChimp. Who should choose Remarkety? Businesses wishing to maximize revenue and send targeted, personalized and automated emails based on shopping behavior and eCommerce data. MailChimp is a more general service designed for any type of business wishing to send newsletters and basic automation. Moreover, MailChimp is a bulk newsletter platform for sending scheduled newsletters and manage mailing lists. Both are important marketing techniques for small and medium businesses, but each serve different purposes.

Email newsletters are primarily used for content marketing, brand awareness and customer education. Effectiveness of newsletters are measured using open rates and click-through rates. Targeted emails delivered when a trigger or rule is met, like an abandoned cart for example, are designed to convert into sales (bottom line revenue). Therefore, effectiveness of a targeted email is measured using purchase rate and orders. As an online business, you should always look for a competitive advantage and this is where Remarkety comes into the picture. Remarkety provides you with powerful marketing suite that until now was available only to the big boxes like Amazon, ebay, Target, etc.

We looked at a number of product capabilities or features between Remarkety and Mailchimp. Each of the following capabilities were either completely implemented, partially integrated or not implemented. If you’re looking for a specific feature or capability, click one of the links below to jump there on the page.

Features and product capabilities:
– Bulk Newsletters
– Targeted Newsletters
– Automated and Trigger Emails
– Browse Abandonment
– Personal Product Recommendations
– Dynamic Personal Coupons
– Mailing List Management
– A/B Testing
– Personal Support & Account management
– Purchase Rate Reporting

Bulk Newsletters


Both MailChimp and Remarkety can provide bulk newsletter emails. This is MailChimp’s specialty, offering a variety of templates to choose from when designing newsletters.

Targeted Newsletter


Both email marketing platforms can send out targeted newsletters. The differentiation is how these newsletters are segmented. Remarkety is integrated with an eCommerce store, allowing for emails to be segmented by customer purchase data.

MailChimp’s eCommerce segmentation is limited compare to Remarkety. With Remarkety you can segment by shopping behavior, for example you can segment by products or categories viewed on the website, products they usually buy, rewards points, average order price, last order date, and so much more. The segmentation module in Remarkety was designed for eCommerce and to help you drive more sales. We believe that marketers should use their data to better market to their and not be limited by technology.

Automated and Trigger Emails


Remarkety specializes in automated trigger emails such as order follow ups, abandon cart notifications and customer win back campaigns. MailChimp has limited capability in this area which can only be achieved via additional plugins. For example, MailChimp cannot set up abandoned cart campaigns or track when a loyal customer has stopped placing orders.

Browse Abandonment


With a browse abandonment campaigns, shoppers don’t even need to put anything in their cart. Browse abandonment campaigns utilize individual browsing behavior on your website and send highly engaging, personalized, automatically triggered email campaigns. By tracking all the products people are browsing online, Remarkety is able to re-target at the right timing them with emails and recommend products they viewed and/or similar products with.

Personal Product Recommendations


Remarkety is able to up-sell and cross-sell customers by predict the products customers might like based on advanced machine learning and AI technology. We take into account things like shopping behavior, purchase history, what products people searched and viewed on the website before, inventory level, GEO and seasonality. This requires advanced algorithms and deep understanding of your business and vertical, plus an integration with your eCommerce website. MailChimp has a basic “black box” product recommendations and does not have the capability to make product recommendations without additional plugins.

Dynamic Personal Coupons


Remarkety can generate unique coupon codes automatically for your email campaigns. Means, you can send unique and personalized coupons with expiration date. Remarkety synchronizes these coupons to your eCommerce platform (Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and more). It works like magic. Simply select a template, target a customer audience, set the coupon value and off it goes!

Mailing List Management


MailChimp allows users to manage various mailing list they upload onto the platform. Mailing list sign-up forms from various channels can also be integrated into lists. Remarkety manages one holistic contact list (no duplicates) that’s divided up into ‘Customers’ and ‘contacts.’ Customers have made one or more purchases, while contacts have never made a purchase. Remarkety, does however, enable real-time segmentation of this contact list for various email campaigns based on purchase history, shopping behavior, rewards points, tags, email engagements and more.

A/B Testing


Both MailChimp and Remarkety allow for A/B testing of email campaigns. Remarkety also offers a “testing mode,” giving users the ability to receive emails any time the rule is triggered by a customer. Remarkety allows to run A/B/C testing on newsletters and automations like abandoned carts, browse abandonment, product recommendations and more.

Personal Support – Dedicated Account Manager


Both MailChimp and Remarkety have extensive support information available online. In addition to forum support, Remarkety offers personalized support to all customers during office hours including phone, live chat and video calls. A dedicated success manager is assigned to advanced and professional plans. Remarkety monitors your deliverability, open and click rates and conversions and help you maximize revenue and optimize your campaigns.

Purchase Rate Reporting


Both MailChimp and Remarkety provides stats such as number of opened emails and click-through rate. MailChimp is missing key ROI indicators, however, to measure success in dollars without additional plugins and eCommerce extension. Remarkety will calculate the exact value of each campaign in dollars to help you see performance metrics quickly and allocate your resources effectively, coupon usage, average per email value and more. You can see both reporting dashboards below.

Remarkety Reporting and Metrics Dashboard
Remarkety Dashboard

MailChimp Reporting and Metrics Dashboard
MailChimp Reporting Dashboard

Although we only looked at MailChimp for this comparison, based on our research, the large majority of newsletter platforms have similar if not less capabilities than MailChimp. This would include companies such as Constant Contact, VerticalResponse, AWeber, Emma and GetResponse.

Five things you can do with Remarkety that you can’t do with MailChimp:

1. Recover abandoned carts: 67% of shoppers abandon their cart while shopping. Remarkety has a built in abandon cart email campaign which has a proven conversion rate of 10% to 15%. That’s big dollars!

2. Personalized incentives and/or reward programs: Remarkety has the ability to dynamically personalize emails based on customer data. For example, Remarkety can automatically send various coupons or incentives to customers based on what they have bought or where they live in the world. All of this can be done in the same email campaign.

3. Data driven cross selling: Remarkety includes personalized product recommendations capabilities to effectively cross sell to your customers.

4. Automatically find and engage with inactive customers: It is common knowledge that it is easier to win back a customer than gain a new one. Remarkety can target inactive customers and entice them back.

5. See how much you’re making: Remarkety measures the success of your email campaigns in dollars. It tracks and summarizes how many additional purchases were made as a result of a specific coupon or email sent to your customers.

Depending on your store’s needs, you may choose to use only Remarkety or both MailChimp and Remarkety. Although Remarkety does include newsletter capabilities similar to MailChimp, some of our customers use both because they have multiple email lists.

Newsletters as an email marketing strategy aren’t enough to grow sales by themselves, though. Growing sales with email must include a series of remarketing emails that keep customers engaged and continually push them to buy based on how they’ve purchased in the past. And that’s where we come in.

If you’re interested in trying Remarkety for your store, sign up for a demo with an email specials or just try Remarkety free.

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