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3 Emails Every Fashion eCommerce Store Needs

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With all these new eCommerce marketing gimmicks coming out all the time it’s easy to get lost with what you should be doing, especially if you are a fashion business. I can tell you one thing; many companies are focusing on gimmicks and are forgetting the basics. Time for you to get your foundations sturdy before you start playing around with the new tools on the block.

Email marketing remains the most successful eCommerce marketing tool around. With it’s high ROI and easy to automate options, email marketing should be part of every fashion eCommerce store’s marketing strategy. Want to know more about email automation and find our the 3 emails every fashion eCommerce store needs? Read on

3 Emails Every Fashion eCommerce Store Needs

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Improve Email Deliverability and Score Big

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How can you tell if your email marketing campaigns are healthy? Open rates and click rate right? Wrong. There is a metric that is often forgotten, email deliverability. The statistic that counts the percentage of emails delivered.

There are some emails that are not delivered to your customer, they don’t even make it to the inbox to be opened or clicked on. A poor email deliverability rate is a serious issue and highlights that your email marketing lists are not healthy.

One of the main causes for emails failing to be delivered comes down to customers submitting incorrect email addresses. But that is not the only reasons emails fail to be delivered. It is time for you to learn how to improve email deliverability and score big.

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Increase Conversions Using Dynamic Data-Driven Product Recommendations

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Product recommendations are a critical element in almost any  email marketing campaign, and has been a core feature in Remarkety since our launch in 2012. As an industry leader in email marketing, the Remarkety team has continuously updated all features along with technological advances.

In this article, we are going to dive into the world of product recommendations in email marketing and how you can utilize this powerful tool to increase your overall sales, conversion rates and revenue. What’s more, we are going to show you how Remarkety has taken product recommendations to the next level.

product recommendation in emails to increase sales

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Remarkety Announces Email Automation (Suite) Integration for Yahoo Small Business

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Global leader in Email Marketing Automation for the eCommerce industry, announced the launch of its email marketing app for Yahoo Small Business.

Remarkety, Inc. A Yahoo preferred developer, today announced at the annual IRCE trade show the launch of its highly anticipated and first of a kind email marketing automation suite for retailers on the Yahoo Small Business platform.

“The testing and launch of the email marketing automation suite integration with Yahoo Small Business have been under development and testing for the past several months. Our goal was and remains simple. Providing the Yahoo Small Business ecosystem with powerful, easy to use and easy to implement enterprise level email marketing and automation tools that can be managed by anybody in the eCommerce organization,” said Guy Harel, CEO at Remarkety.

“Remarkety’s email marketing suite was fully designed from the ground up around the eCommerce industry; therefore, we are extremely excited to finally add Yahoo Small Business – one of the eCommerce pioneers – to our long list of supported eCommerce platforms. The Remarkety solution offers all online merchants and retailers regardless of size or location the features needed to successfully run marketing campaigns in one easy to use suite.”

The Remarkety email marketing automation suite will be available to Yahoo Small Business merchants through CommerceCentral at the end of June. The email marketing automation suite includes powerful tools such as: Cart abandonment and recovery, automated follow up emails, welcome series, personalized product recommendations, email capture, targeted newsletters, dynamic personalization, instant marketing recommendations, customer behavior segmentation, customer tagging, A/B testing, drag and drop, responsive templates, robust analytics and more.

About Remarkety
Remarkety is a global leading email marketing automation platform built for and around eCommerce. Founded in 2012, Remarkety is continuously changing the way online global retailers and marketers interact with their user base.

By tracking, analyzing and aggregating customer shopping behavior, Remarkety turns data into results with automated email marketing campaigns that achieve higher conversion rates, lower abandonment rates and more returning customers.

Come and Visit Remarkety at IRCE 2017

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The annual IRCE, Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition is returning for its 13th year and Remarkety is extremely excited to be announcing our participation at the event for the second year running. The 13th IRCE brings together almost 10,000 of the industry’s top leaders, executives and marketers with a full 4-day schedule that is jam-packed with over 200 presentations and discussions related to the latest in eCommerce news and innovations.

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Remarkety Responsive Design Tip: Design with All Screens in Mind

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responsive designThese days, it’s not uncommon for someone to own a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet all at once. Moreover, it’s especially not uncommon for a single person to use all of these different devices throughout the day! Some people even go beyond this, with multiple phones and computers at their disposal. Needless to say, our eyes are on quite a few different devices at any given time, but mostly on our mobile devices.

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Browse Abandonment Best Practices

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A few months ago we have added the possibility to create Browse Abandonment campaigns and we are already seeing some exciting results.

browse abandonment emails

Over 30% of our customers have used this feature and a large percentage were able to convert browsers into shoppers. We made it super easy to send browse abandonment emails shortly after a customer leaves the website. Based on the aggregated data from clients, we have put together some tips and best practices for creating effective browse abandonment email campaigns. Read More