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3 Secret Strategies to Hack Email Segmentation

By eCommerce Trends, Email Marketing, How To Guides
You have a big email list, full of excited subscribers, and you send them great content every week, but see a very low conversion rate… What do you do? How come no one is buying your product? Let me tell you a secret, its because you are not using email segmentation!

Even though your email list is big, it is not efficient. You are emailing everyone on the list without caring for their age, geography, interests, or purchase history. If you use a segment of your list and target specific audiences then you will be able to cater your content to that audience and vastly increase your sales.

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The importance of email sign-ups and data collection

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

email marketingEmail marketing is a low-cost, yet hugely successfully revenue-generator, marketing tool that delivers a high ROI for eCommerce businesses. Research has proven the more marketers can track, analyze and personalize, the more effective this tool becomes. Email has been reported as being the most popular and powerful communication tool amongst eCommerce businesses due to its ability to get the right message to the right consumer and the right moment in time. Of course, email marketing is only possible if you capture consumers’ email details.

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Labor Day Email Marketing Tips

By eCommerce Case Studies, Email Marketing

There are few things Americans enjoy more than barbecues, holiday weekends, parades and barbecuing after parades on holiday weekends. One of those things is buying stuff.Email_Marketing_Tips_Labor_Day_WeekendWith Labor Day Weekend coming up (Friday, September 4th – Monday, September 7th), it’s definitely time to start thinking about your email marketing plan.

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