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Email Marketing Next Generation Tools: Email Personalization +

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

Here at Remarkety, we believe in taking eCommerce marketing to the next level. Our team has really honed in on what features would be useful to an e-commerce store and built them with you in mind. Time to welcome email marketing ‘Next Generation’ tools.

Today we are going to show you how to take your email personalization to the next level; because putting your customer’s first name in the subject of the email is not longer enough.

Are you ready? Next Generation Email Personalization is here.

Email Personalization+

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Abandoned Cart Email: The Full Story-Part 2

By eCommerce Trends, Email Marketing, How To Guides

Thank you for joining us for the second part of our Abandoned cart email story.

With up to 80% of all carts being left at the last minute eCommerce merchants are crying out for help to capture all that lost revenue. Thankfully Remarkety understands this problem and has created the ultimate cart abandonment tool to help combat the losses.

In the previous chapter we discussed the phenomenon of the abandoned cart and tips to reduce abandonment rates. In today’s chapter, we will be discussing the importance of email capture and showing your some rocking cart abandonment email examples. Are you ready? Here we go…


Abandoned Cart Emails Header Image
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Abandoned Cart Email: The Full Story-Part 1

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There are so many abandoned shopping carts. Not in the parking of your local supermarket, but online. As an eCommerce merchant seeing an abandoned cart is a certain trigger to panic. All that work to drive traffic to your store, and boom. Right at the last moment the sale is lost. Argh.

This is a two-part abandoned cart email series. In today’s post we are going to examine the World of Abandoned Cart Emails and how Remarkety can help you tackle the abandoned cart phenomenon.

Abandoned Cart Emails Header Image
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How to Influence Sales with Email Personalization

By How To Guides

Most people think that social media and influencer marketing has completely surpassed what email marketing could ever achieve, but they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Email marketing still remains the most effective tool to increase customer lifetime value and increase your sales. The people on your email list have given you a private door into their personal lives, by giving you their email address. It is up to you to use this access to your advantage by respecting their needs and engaging on a personal level. Turns out, an email campaign is 6x more likely to get a click-through than a tweet.  Now it’s time for you to learn how to influence sales with Email personalization.


Image via Mindtree

So what is people’s concern with email? Why is the entrepreneurial community flocking to social media and abandoning email in search of greener pastures? One of the main advantages of social media is that it fosters a much more personal relationship with potential clients and customers.

How do we reconcile the potency of social media to foster better relationships and the higher conversions of email marketing? You got it! We use email personalization!

So how do you do this? Here are the 4 top strategies to use to personalize your emails:

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The importance of email sign-ups and data collection

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

email marketingEmail marketing is a low-cost, yet hugely successfully revenue-generator, marketing tool that delivers a high ROI for eCommerce businesses. Research has proven the more marketers can track, analyze and personalize, the more effective this tool becomes. Email has been reported as being the most popular and powerful communication tool amongst eCommerce businesses due to its ability to get the right message to the right consumer and the right moment in time. Of course, email marketing is only possible if you capture consumers’ email details.

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8 Email Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

8 email marketing pitfalls to avoidStarting out in the email marketing field can be daunting and there are many common errors made that you need to avoid. Think of this scenario,  you’ve created your email, you think it looks and reads perfectly, but what happened? Only 3.1% of people have opened your email. Shock, horror, your email campaign has just fallen way below the 16.92% industry average. What went wrong?

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Email Personalization – Let the Data Do the Work

By Email Marketing, How To Guides

The more you know about someone, the easier it is to talk to them. As you get to know someone’s likes and dislikes, habits and preferences, needs and wants, you can begin to provide them with answers, suggestions and solutions that are a best fit for them.  This is modern email personalization in a nutshell!  email personalization

Where the goal was once to create a deal or an offer so good it prompted people to buy, today’s email personalization is more about understanding people, to bring them what they want and need, versus just something that’s appealing. The way to do this is with data. By speaking directly to someone in a specific sense, you’re able to make a connection that more often than not results in a positive reaction—be it a click, sale or something else.

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8 reasons why customers never open your emails

By Email Marketing

There’s nothing better for eCommerce email marketers than watching an email campaign consistently drive orders. And there’s nothing more aggravating than wondering why customers never open your emails.unopened emails mailbox imageThere are so many moving pieces to an email campaign, send time, email design, list segmentation, etc. It can get anyone with low open rates thinking, where did I possibly go wrong? Read More